• I love new video games!

    I hate that none of my friends play them.

    So to that end you find me here, searching the Wikia for fresh faces to discover new worlds and fight the demanding fight known as Terraria.

    I'm not looking for PvP, so if that's what you're about please don't inquire.

    My GT is N1ceDre55er (Because wearing suits = awesomeness)

    I'm normally on between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. (Central Time) due to revolting work hours.

    Either message me on here or Add me on Live if you wish to make some awesome sauce together.

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    • if your looking for someone to play with still, add me on xbox. zXfireVSiceXz. and send me a message saying what your looking to do

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    • i know im super late but i would be willing to play when i get gold again my gt is MinecraftN00B10

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    • do any of yall stil play jw im like uber late

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    • mine = Whtboy656 (i think?)

      also i need to get my xbox live gold back

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    • Hey my names MikeToTheE and Im looking for people to play together with on Terraria. I'm not a PVP person so ya know but I do love dungeon exploring along with collecting many of Terrarias items. I'm a collecter of sorts and willing to help you so you progress also in your Terraria game. I'm very friendly I'm not rude or a online troll I don't swing that way. If your having trouble finding Terraria friends like I am feel free to add me ok :)

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    • I need to defete the twins someone pls help gt catofpie

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    • anyone on terraria needing help because they're new or just needs help killing a boss add me on xbox 360.

      Gamertag: Miniimerator

      I am giving away terrablades! :)

      message me saying:  help needed on terraria

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    • Gamertag: Miniimperator

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    • A FANDOM user
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