• Hello everyone.

    As you may or may not be aware, this wiki's Video Policy has effectively been on hold since April of this year, as it had not been working as intended.

    This forum post is both to inform the wiki's community that there is a new version of this policy, and to give a brief description of how this affects video content that is to be posted on individual pages on the wiki.

    What has changed?

    See difference between revisions here for complete breakdown of changes

    Adding videos to pages

    Now, videos do not need to be proposed at Terraria Wiki:Proposed Videos before being included on pages – anyone can add a video to any page that doesn't already have a video on it.

    Disputes over videos

    Disputes are no longer to be solely handled by the admins/bureaucrats. Now, any videos which are deemed controversial (whether it be due to quality concerns, edit warring, another user believes their video is more suitable for the page (within reason), issues with multiple videos on a page which doesn't need them, etc.) are to be moved to Terraria Wiki:Proposed Videos, where they will remain to be discussed and voted on by the community for as long as they need to be.

    Note that winning the vote regarding a video does not guarantee winning the decision! Weight is given to arguments presented and (to some extent) to experience of users presenting them.

    I don't agree with the new policy. Where can I suggest changes to it?

    Right here! The Video Policy as it stands now is not final by any means. This forum post will double as an announcement and as a place where the policy can be discussed.

    Edit: Apparently I forgot to highlight this thread last month... >.>

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