• This user is being quite unhelpful regarding the tuxedo page, and many of his edit summaries (here, here and here) seem rather rude and/or aggressive to me. He is also undoing more than just the removal of the image. I have left the page alone so it doesn't descend into an edit war, however the only issue I am having is with the image; it does not belong there. There is a video - there is not enough content to justify it.

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    • I sure would like to know your criteria for an image "not belonging". General rule of thumb on this wiki is that a variety of images are allowed on most pages. You also removed helpful images from the Jungle Shrine page, which I did not see as constructive or helpful.

      You are deleting others' decent contributions and it is extremely rude and unnecessary for you to do so. I don't see how your criteria for images being on a page are "Correct" in any way. You've destroyed and made many pages bland due to your rampant removal of images.

      For someone wanting to be part of this wiki community, you're certainly not going about it in the right way.

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    • I agree that the video is not neccesary to be there, it shows how to make it and how it looks. Two things that you can get by looking at the item box alone. For your other points I can also agree on them, but the image you are mentioning, is that the image with the black glasses and tuxedo outfit? I would say that an image with just the tuxedo would be better.

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    • I feel as though if we have to add an image to the 'update info' section, there is not enough content to justify it. As another note, that user is now indiscriminately undoing my edits, like this one, despite me not removing the image that time, as I a) didn't want him undoing it and b) wanted to stop the edit war. The previous edit of mine was to fix up formatting issues only.

      As I explained on their talk page, the image does not add anything that the reader cannot gain from the text, infobox, or video (explained above). I am not 'deleting others' decent contributions', as a matter of fact; I did not 'jump' on that image as soon as it appeared. I removed it as I cleaned up the page, and then he re-added it with a rather aggressive response.

      At the very least, he could address it on the message I left on his talk page. I agree with DPSOnly. I'm only trying to clean up the pages, and it looks untidy with the image just hanging on down the bottom.

      [EDIT]: I would also like to know how to 'be a part of this community', and how I am being 'pushy and obnoxious' when he was the one yelling and being unreasonable. Is it reasonable to expect a discussion on matters like this? I think so. It is unreasonable to yell and not listen to what the other user is saying. He provided no good arguments for wanting it back. I am also curious as to how mine 'leave a lot to be desired'.

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    • A couple things here... I will follow up on some people's talk pages where I want to say more, but this much can at least be said about this particular thread:

      Disruptive user/edit war (topic of this thread): I wasn't here when it happened, but looking at Tuxedo (history page) it's pretty clear that an edit war did happen. The edits should have stopped way before that, before it got out of hand. As soon as User A reacts to User B undoing User A's edit — so by the 3rd successive edit — that's the beginning of an edit war.

      Removing images: Fruipit, is it possible you can separate your "removing images" edits from your "revising text/etc." edits? I think everyone is all for revising text, but removing images is generally something we would like to avoid, I think? There's no harm in having a gallery at the bottom of the page showing alternate views of the jungle or whatnot. I mean sure, if there's a dozen images on a page, by all means weed out a few. But if there's like 3 or 4? They're probably fine as-is. Plus, if you make an edit where you only remove an image, that can be very easily undone without losing your other work.

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    • I don't actually know the 'set in stone', 'this is what constitutes an edit war' criteria, so I apologise if I encouraged it to continue. Taking a quick look at the edit history, though, the user stated 'feel free to remove if it doesn't fit'.

      Yes, I can remove images and formatting in different edits. I don't like doing that though, because it a) takes longer and b) gives me extra edits that I'm not actually really doing, you know? And if I did it like that from the get-go, I have no doubts I would have been accused of badge-editing/achievement-farming/whatever you call it. I can do it, of course, but I just don't want to get into trouble.

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