• Does everyone know this? I don't use the Visual Editor, but after fixing an edit to theĀ Shiverthorn page, I tested changing the max stack in the infobox using the Visual Editor (the one selected from the drop-down menu on the page). I was attempting to see what the previous editor was doing. When I changed the max stack, it deleted a line of text from the page. It highlights that text when I click the edit button on the infobox, and then deletes it when I hit Apply Changes.

    Anyway, my point is, some damage to pages is unintentional because the stupid editor doesn't work right.

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    • Yeah, the Visual Editor accessible from the dropdown menu next to the edit button is still a fairly new tool with all the potential problems that entails. I'd disable it on this wiki to avoid said problems, but it's supposedly already disabled.

      A bug report to Wikia is probably in order...

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    • I always recommend that no one uses the Visual Editor in the first place, since it always breaks things and messes up pages no matter what version of it I use. Inserts span tags unnecessarily, breaks templates, etc..

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