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    09:13, January 29, 2015

    So my dungeon in My Main World is a bad dungeon. This happens when a cave interrups the dungeon and the rest of the dungeon dissapears because of the cave. Now i am trying to get a truffle so i can get autohamer and make shroomite bars and then hoverboard and bla bla bla. I was recently told that u must have all the npc's for the truffle to spawn. Now i need the Mechanic and the Angler. I will get the angler after my Mechanic but i am just asking, Will the mechanic spawn in the stairs leading down to the main part of the dungeon??? 

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    • You don't need all NPCs for truffle. Just an overworld(above level) mushroom biome with a house in it.

      The mechanic will only spawn in the dungeon after a certain depths in the underground, so she won't spawn anywhere near the entrance because that's too near the surface. Try making a new world for her or dig through the ruined dungeon and see if you can get lucky.

      Lastly, seeing as you have a faulty dungeon, are you on mobile by any chance? If so, you won't have the Angler just yet.

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    • yes i am on mobile, but i just found the rest of my dungeon and just got my mechanic, now whats this about the angler?

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    • The Angler is currently a PC exclusive NPC. He was added in 1.2.4, and mobile is currently at 1.2.1 equivalent. You can check out more from Version History.

      Note: when I said PC exclusive, I just meant that the update has not yet come to console or mobile, as they are quite far behind in terms of content.

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    • thx freenight <3

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