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      This is not your idea.
      23:17, May 19, 2015
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    • TerrariamcSwaggins
      TerrariamcSwaggins removed this reply because:
      This is not your idea.
      23:17, May 19, 2015
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    • Amazingspyro wrote: This is a idea I came across

      Npc. Ninja

      Quote: Keep an eye on the shadows...


      Katana 1 gold (18 melee damage Insanely fast speed weak knockback)

      Throwing knife 10 copper

      Pumpkin Blade (during the Punpkin moon) (36 damage really fast speed average knockback)

      Frost Blade (during the Frost moon) (72 damage very slow speed strong knockbanck)

      Lunar Blade (during the new lunar boss thing) (80 damage average speed insanely strong knockback)

      At a Demon alter you can craft the Blade of the moon god with the following:

      1 katana

      1 Pumpkin Blade

      1 Frost Blade

      1 Lunar Blade

      1 moon charm

      10 iron bars

      2 adamantite ore

      2 mythral ore

      2 cobalt ore

      and finally 99 copper (yes a good use for copper YAY!)

      Blade of the moon god stats:

      160 damage and inflict confusion and venom for 22 secs

      ABILITY: at night will turn you into a werewolf

      Fast speed Strong knockback

      Tooltip: A blade only used by the masters of the moon...

      Well I saw this earlier from someone else... So it was already in the listings.

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    • Yeah I gave credit to spyrothedragon2222 but it was removed

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    • Btw the ability to be a werewolf is unneeded 

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    • Is he aware that Katanas already exist too?

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    • I would add a blacksmith that just upgrades stuff that can't be reforged, like mounts. He also sells Iron/Lead Bars at night, Iron/Lead Anvils, Mechanical Worms/Eyes/Skulls on Blood Moons, some Swords, Guns, Flails, Yoyos, and Bows during any event, and Mythril/Orichalcum Anvils in Hardmode. He is found sleeping in the Underground Hallow during any boss fight and despawns when the battle is won, lost, or postponed in any way. The only reasons he is really worthwhile is A) for Party Girls, and B) his attack method, which is basically throwing black swords that keep rapidly moving forward, ricocheting off the edges of the screen and piercing (100 damage) anything in its way, until it returns to him.

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    • But who would go to the underground hallow during a boss battle?

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    • Well I guess if you have like adamantite armor at the least and you did like EoC or something, you could just go there with a few accessories and just keep regenerating while you search. Or maybe you are fighting WoF and you are going through hallowed land and he is in a hell house or something

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    • Another one is the white witch. She sells bezoars and curing potions, which can be combined with healing potions to make a cured healing potion, which she also sells. She can be summoned by selling twenty-nine healing potions to a witch doctor and 1 regen potion to a wizard while both Potion Sickness and Regeneration are in action. She will then spawn in the wizard's room the same time the second item is sold. Her attack method is exactly like a Rune Wizard's except bright teal in color. She also teleports instead of walking (like the Rune Wizard).

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    • I Will add a npc called a "Boss Slayer"


      Boss Summoning Items For 1 gold for pre hardmode items

      5 gold for menchanicle eye/skull/worm

      3 platmine for a Celestial Sigal

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    • I would add the guard.he will use a nights edge to the nurse you  can't by anything from him but he will increase damage.You would get him in hard mode by using purification powder on the infected hero.

      The possible names will be Sparta,sir Peter, Martin,sir Jackson.


      Dont listen to that old goblin my offers are cheap.

      AHHHHH i mean ha.

      The zombies bite was like my sword.

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    • nice. i would like a guard in terraria

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    • Thank you 

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    • your welcome

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    • Cool

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    • Thanks.

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    • I would add the trebuchet master. He sells catapults, boulders, ropes, crossbows, and wood. He is dressed in purple and gold, medieval style. He is a very independent person and attacks by throwing rocks.

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    • I would also add the marine biologist. There will be two ways to get this NPC.1.defeat Duke Fishron. There will be a 100% chance for her to arrive.2. Defeat one mechanical boss. After this there will be a 1% chance to find the kelped marine biologist. She will sell aquatic themed furniture, some things that can be equipped and occasionally quest fish.

      Possible names.



      You seen [cyborg name] any were.

      If you find a squid chewing on your face its mine

      I found a black mutant squid it had TWO MOUTHS. I know strange it tride to kill me and my fish.

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    • i would add a magician.You need o find him in a cavern,he is badly injured (cuz is lunatic cultist!) then give him 3 greater healing potions.It give you a broken hero sword and he defend with a rainbow crystal staff.Possible names



      you were such a crude guy when you injured me.


      it sells moonlord s weamons each for 50 gold coins

      it drop Rainbow crystal staff when die

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    • The wizard is basically a magician

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    • Junk Artist and you would have him as an NPC if you have useless itens like fishing in pools and having things like Tin Can or things that are not materials and are just drops or from fishing, and he won’t actually sell anything, but he will buy the stuff that is useless or combine different kinds of JUNK (aka banners, slime hook, tin can, wooden items [not wood itself tho] etc.) and combine them for something useful for a price. He would look like the Old Man in the dungeon except he would look a bit thinner and will carry a giant backpack on his back and a bit younger than the Old Man. He has no ways of attacking, but instead, he will protect himself using a cover of a garbage can, blocking most stuff and projectiles. His quotes: “People might say trash is another dude’s treasure, but my treasure is yours.” “I hate having to find literally a feet below ground to find for junk, I wish it would just be buried a bit.” “I might be a garbage man, but at least I’m educated in 2 years of engineering to build trash into something that’s not trash.”

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    • The names of the Junk Artist could be Chad, Jackie, Ed, Shane, and the most rarest name, Craiggy.

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    • slave:

      names: Simon, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, Judas.

      sells his work (all costs 1 copper)

      things he can do: mine; fish; attack; cut down trees. Can fish in places that you can't fish in.

      how to get: get all NPCs and at night he will appear next to the guide.

      how to control: talk to him; select a job; go on map and tap somewhere; exit 'conversation' and he teleports to where you want him to be.

      how to get him back: go on map; tap on him.

      quotes: "...w h y..." "..."

      VERY SAD bonus question: what is the common thread about the names =P I shouldn't be doing this

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    • Reformed Cultist

      • Names: Always named Enigma
      • Weapon: Cultist’s Scepter
      • Sells:
        • Cultist’s Scepter - 50 Gold
        • Cultist’s Hood - 20 Gold
        • Cultist’s Robe - 20 Gold
        • Cultist’s Pants - 20 Gold
        • Celestial Sigil - 20 Gold
        • Lunar Cultist Hood
        • Lunar Cultist Robe
      • Spawn Conditions: Moon Lord must be defeated
      • Quotes:

      Upon Speaking to him for the first time:

      • ”Thank you, child, for destroying the Cosmic Terror That lingered over the world. I am free at last.”

      Normal Quotes:

      • ”Yes, you may join our clan if you wished. No, we don’t have cookies.”
      • ”Even a Cultist needs to make money!”
      • ”Yes, I am in fact older than [Name of Dryad]”
      • ”Choose wisely”

      During a Party:

      • ”Being an ancient guardian of the arcane does not mean I cannot party.”
      • ”No, I did not bring cake.”
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    • Noice

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    • Here's my Idea for a NPC: The Slime Guy NPC. Possible Names: Sammy, Sally, Slimy, or very rarely Arthur. He would sell Slime Based items, and spawns after you killed the King Slime. He doesn't move into a normal room, he only spawns in a room made entirely with Slime Blocks, Slime Block walls, and Slime Block Furniture. His Normal Quotes: "Heya buddy! Whatcha want?" , "Yeah, I'm entirely made of slime, so what?" , "Careful, I fall apart into gel when people bump into me." , and "Yes, I need money. Since when did slimes need money? All the time." If his name is Arthur he would say "You fought the Slime King well, now I am your noble Slime Knight!" , or "Great job, you defeated the King! I am now your ever-lasting companion." What EXACTLY he sells: Gel (1 Copper Each) Slime Blade (25 Silver) (Does 21 Damage, Fast.) Slime Pickaxe (A bit better than Iron Pickaxe.) Slime Hamaxe (Yey for Hamaxes, Better than Tin, but slow.) And if his name is Arthur he sells the Slime Crown and at Night, he sells the Slimy Katana (1 Gold, 32 Damage, Very Fast, inflicts Slow on enemies 100% of the time.)

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