• Here is my Suggestion:

    Mountain Biome


    Stone golem, tunnellers (giant worm)

    There are Dodos and dwavern ruins inside holding dwarve styled items.

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    • Candy Biome


      Sugary Slime, Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry/Banana Cakelings, Candy Drone, Anana Twins, Liceorice, Strawbury



      Health:15000 Attack Damage: 65(when rolling)/45(when summoning)

      Attacks by rolling around and summoning Frut Flies

      Drops: coins, healing potions, Sweet Killer (Sword), Hyper Boots (makes you run faster), Candy Bars


      Candy Ore, Sweet Dirt, Frutwood, Frutstone


      Sweet Killer, Hyper Boots, Sugar, Piece of Cake(used to summon Kendirol), Sugar and Spice(used to summon pet Kendirol), Everything Nice(material), Candy Maker (used for crafting)


      Candyhail rain(when fighting with Kendirol)


      You can find candy shrines here

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    • I like it

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    • Bridge Biome: A bridge which is very long to walk. enemies have a habitat here.

      Enemies: Purple Slime, Pinky, Bat, Winder (breaks ground).

      Bosses: Shaky Melt. Log 'n' rope (hardmode). Mutate the boss (hardmode).

      No ores.

      Shaky Melt: summon by placing a peice of ice from the ice biome. Looks like a frozen Metal meteor. It has 20000 Health and the ice has 15000 health. First phase is unhurtable: use a melee weapon that is the Silver broadsword or higher 50 times to melt. Second Phase: He will throw icicles at you whcih deal 300 damage. Use The Armour higher than iron to stay alive and do the same as phase 1 only with 200 times. Should have boss 4.

      Log 'n' rope: 1 phase. kill to get the pinky event. Like BoC and the twins combined, looks like 2 brains next to each other with a leather rope, the rope has wood to keep together, will throw logs and surrounded by metal rope.

      Mutate the boss: see wind event.


      pinky event is where pinky's are raining when winder moves bridge blocks, mostly they are purple slimes, one is a pinky though.

      wind event will give you the end game event, causing all bosses except lunatic cultist, ocram, pillars and moonlord to transform to attack you. they attack in this order: EoC, EoW, BoC, Skeletron, Queen Bee, King slime, WoF, Golem, The twins, The Destroyer, Skeletron prime, plantera.

      Hope you like it!

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    • The SuperHybrid Biome: A Fusion Between All The Biomes In The World

      To Create: Craft The Rainbow Solution (Red/Purple, Blue, Green Solutions, and The MooM Lord Trophy [Heart])

      Enemies: Litteraly Everything That Exists + Elemental Casters

      Ores-Everything + Living Metal(Used To Make Boss Spawns)


      The Grand Elemental- HP: 70,000- Attacks: Fire Balls, Ice Balls, Thorn Vines, Corruption/Crimsion Spawner, Thunder, And Lunar Hooks (Expert)- Spawn Item: Rune (20 Of Everything here (Bars),5 Living Metal Bars, 5 Stone,).

      The Wall Of Steel (Yes That One)- Info Is Here

      Structures: Blue Cultist Base/White Cultist Base- Contains The Blue/White Cultist Brawler, Archer And Caster- Magic Themed Loot, Spawn Items found Everywhere (Evan The Lunatic Cultist [Pentagram Stone], Skeletron [Broken Bone],Lepus[Suspicious Looking Egg], Turkor The Ungrateful[Cursed Stuffing], And Ocram [Suspicious Looking Skull]).

      What Do Ya Think?

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