• I wanted to make a formal mention of this, because it comes up fairly often, and has been an issue for quite some time now. I would like to discourage anyone from adding ANY bugs on any platforms they may feel they have discovered. Bugs are a VERY tricky area, and can have many varying factors that involve simple human error, and not an actual bug. It is for this reason that some of you might have noticed if you read the official Terraria Wiki (Gamepedia), you will not see any bugs on the various pages. They have pages that list CONFIRMED bugs on them and strongly feel that this is the only case when bugs can and should be mentioned. It is not very professional to just clog the pages up with every weird occurance that a gamer "thinks" he has experienced, and just place (unconfirmed) after it. I hope that many of you agree with this. If I see a bug added to a page, there's a 98% chance it will be deleted. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.

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    • To make this issue worse, a lot of people don't even know what a "bug" / "glitch" / "exploit" / "developer oversight" is...

      If an item you think should float but isn't floating in water, it is NOT a bug, that's an example of an oversight, the same as other illogical situations. Developers just didn't bother to make it realistic or it's just not necessary to make items function as people expect it to.

      Exploits are usually things people do on purpose that take advantage of (or even abuse) a developer oversight to benefit their gameplay. They are not bugs. Invincibility contraptions count as exploits, you allow a weak slime to constantly damage you so the damage you get from stronger enemies will not count due to the immunity given to you by the weaker attack. Bypassing walls using the Hoik method etc also count as exploits.

      A bug is when an item is supposed to do a very specific thing but it isn't functioning properly in given situations and possibly even does something totally unexpected, then that is a bug. Bugs are usually replicable in most cases because they are specific errors in coding.

      Glitches are the rarest cases and are different from bugs, they are often associated with literally game-breaking issues. Glitches are usually something that exploits or bugs can cause when they are abused which makes glitches the most severe issue. Like if trying to spawn several different bosses at the same time causes the game to crash or corrupts your save file then it's easy to say it's a glitch. Glitches usually happen when someone does something they are not supposed to do (exploits and oversights) especially if they abuse it or several bugs happening at the same time which causes too much stress to the game until it breaks. That's what glitches are. They can also happen just by doing something normal, like launching the game etc, something on your PC/device can cause glitches. Power outages or viruses can corrupt your game saves etc.

      BTW, I feel the same for trivia speculation. A lot of people add unconfirmed "trivia", like Slimes and Creepers referencing Minecraft, they don't. There have been lots of creatures in games and books etc for decades that are Slimes and Creepers. Another note is that if you see a skeleton character, it does NOT reference Undertale! Seriously, skeletons have been in games/films etc for ages. Common sense is a thing.

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