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    02:19, January 12, 2018

    I wanted to make this thread to point out to the community some important things about the comment sections of articles, and their appropriate use. I am motivated to do this because it has been an ongoing issue for a long time, that the comment section has been used for what I can only label as "spam". Things that are unimportant, unrelated, and sometimes even mean spirited towards other users. This needs to stop for several reasons.

    1. - Unpleasant remarks aren't welcome here, you don't need to point out that someone is a noob, someone can't spell, someone shouldn't have made a comment, etc. This only adds to the problem.

    2. - Comments that serve no purpose and don't help others only have one result - filling up the article with trash. People that come to the pages hoping to get a tip or trick from fellow players have to wade through all the "filler" comments and shouldn't need to do this.

    3. - In addition to filling the articles with nonsense, it also shows up on the "Recent Activity" feed, also causing annoyance to people who desire to edit and monitor the important activity on the wiki.

    4. - Replying to really old comments. This practice is extremely unneeded, as these older comments are typically pages into the comment section, and the commenter is very likely never going to see the response to their old comment as they haven't visited the wiki to make an recent comments in a few years. 

    5. - Making 10+ comments on articles in a very short span of time. This practice is also very unwelcome as again, it fills up the Recent Activity with comments that aren't even needed. I have seen several users make 30+ comments in a row.

    In reality, there is very little need to comment on an article at all, with the few times being to offer insight into a new item that may not have a lot of info in the main article space yet, like how to best obtain the item, or tricks to beating a boss, and things like that. It is fine to give a quick helpful sentence or two where doing so in a blog or forum post is unnecessary. 

    People that choose to continue to do the above will either have their comments promptly deleted, or in more extreme cases of making numerous comments all at once, will be given a warning to stop, and if it still continues, will be blocked from editing/commenting on the wiki.

    Let us all work together to make this wiki a tidy and professional place to learn about the game of Terraria.

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    • Good speech, Squazzil, good speech. VERY inspiring to us Terrarians.

      (not sarcasam, believe me)

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    • I'm new here but this is common on other wikias to. It is VERY annoying. I do agree with you though, and nice speech!

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    • You could disable comments in the first place as they practically serve no purpose.

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    • Realtoreyed wrote:
      You could disable comments in the first place as they practically serve no purpose.

      I have seriously considered this, but I feel sort of bad that it wipes out all the previous comments over the years. It's not completely off the table though.

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    • If Talk Pages were enabled, older article comments can be viewed again if it is enabled again. Sadly, I don't know if these comments can just be archived. I am still pro TP though, I don't think there are still important article comments floating around.

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    • This thread is great, but I was really sad seeing it. I even thought this problem only occurs in Chinese forum.

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    • Don’t remove the comments they are still useful

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    • This thread should be closed. Just saying.

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    • sqazzil i got your link in my inbox and i am sorry for spamming and will respect all of your expectations for this wiki and no longer make smart remarks or correct people with missplellings. also i will send this article link to anyone i see disrespecting, inputting needless comments or spamming needless info into the wiki and the chatroom. and i dissagree with disabling the commentsection of articles because questions need to be asked by unexpirienced players/members and expirienced players/members can add to the wiki page depending on the quuestion asked and what they put may help all terreria wiki members.

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    • amazing speech! thank you, I really liked the way you said it!

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    • oh me, thanks!

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    • Before I close this thread, I just wanted to point out that there is very little need for article comments. Most questions can be answered by reading the article, and if there is a major question to ask, it can be asked in the Game help board. We also have Discussions enabled if people have questions to ask that can't be answered by reading the articles. I do encourage reading the articles carefully, before asking a simple question that is already there to find in the article. Thanks

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