• Hello,

    I just finished cleaning up the TEdit article (which really needed it), but my work was flagged for profanity upon attempting to publish my edits. There is no profanity in the edits I made. I am thus unable to correct the severely outdated article. I am also very concerned that I may now have a bogus strike on my account, as I was told that "Continued attempts to use such language when editing or commenting may result in your account/ip being blocked from editing this wiki."

    I am very concerned by this situation, please help me out here.

    Source for my edits so that you may post them on my behalf:

    Thank you very much.

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    • I tried publishing your edit exactly as it was and it also restricted me even though I couldn't find any possible profanity in it. I also tried publishing it 20 times and I wasn't blocked, the warning is simply just a warning, it can't automatically block anyone. Only admins could block you if they choose to.

      I decided to edit it with my own version and it somehow published on the first try.

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    • Don't worry about the warning. The edit filter on this wiki isn't set up to take automatic action against accounts precisely because of the possibility of false positives. So, rest assured that triggering the edit filter in and of itself has no bearing on anything.

      Speaking of false positives, it looks like the issue here was a very minor piece of syntax (one character in the wrong place). I've corrected it, so this particular problem shouldn't happen again.

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    • Thanks much, RenzXVI and Oscuritaforze

      Good to hear that my account isn't marked and that this issue is fixed for the future. Kudos!

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