The Tiger Climbing Gear combines the effects of the Climbing Claws and Shoe Spikes into one accessory to allow the player to cling to walls instead of sliding downwards. The player can also slide downwards by pressing (and holding) the S key.


  • Allows the player to cling to any 3 block high surface, given that they are pressing the movement key that corresponds with that direction. (  A - left , D - right )
  • Clinging to a wall while falling will negate fall damage.
  • Jumping while clinging will vault the player up and away from the wall, allowing the player to easily wall jump up vertically dug shafts.
  • When the player clings to a wall it is counted as touching the ground and thus resets flight timers on accessories such as Rocket Boots or Wings.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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