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Tools are items which help the player obtain materials, collect and build blocks and fluids, place or remove wire, or help the player move about the environment. Tools are not placed or equipped. They are used like weapons and sometimes have hotkeys. Left Shift is often used to "smart switch" to a useful tool based on what is under the cursor.

On the PC, console, and 3ds versions. there is a cursor where the tool can be used, and break a block or change it's shape. On the mobile version, there should be a yellow square where the block is broken.

Tools can also be used as weapons.

List of tools

Affect blocks


Main article: Pickaxe

Pickaxes are used to mine most blocks and collect ores. They can be used as weapons too.  


Main article: Drill

Drills function identically to pickaxes. Any given drill will have higher speed but deal less damage than the pickaxe of an equivalent tier. Drills are also notable in inflicting no knockback.


Main article: Axe

Axes are used to obtain wood by destroying trees. Axes are also used to cut down cacti and giant Glowing Mushrooms.


Main article: Chainsaw

Chainsaws are used in the same way as axes. As with drills and pickaxes, chainsaws tend to have a lower attack but higher speed than the equivalent axe.


Main article: Hammer

Hammers are used to break walls and change blocks into half-blocks.


Some tools have the abilities of some combination of pickaxes, axes, and hammers.

Pickaxe/Drill and Axe/Chainsaw

Item 579o
Pickaxe Axe-Picksaw

The following tools are able to mine blocks and chop down trees:

Axe/Chainsaw and Hammer

Main article: Hamaxe

Hamaxe Hamaxes are hybrids between hammers and axes, allowing them to chop down trees, remove background walls, and change blocks into half-blocks.

Block placement

Placement Tools

These tools enable the player to place as blocks certain items which would otherwise not be placeable.


Grappling Devices

Main article: Grappling Devices
Grappling Hooks

Grappling Devices are movement tools which allow the player to latch onto and pull themselves towards blocks. The default hotkey for this type of item is 'E'. On the X-Box edition, the default button is LT, but can be changed to LS.


Magic Movement Tools

These tools allow the player to transport themselves great distances immediately.


The following is a list of movement tools which do not fit in any of the above categories.

Painting Tools

The following is a list of tools which allow the player to paint walls, blocks, and remove paint.

Wiring Items

The following is a list of items which the player can use for traps and automated items.


The following is a list of miscellaneous tools which don't fit into any of the general categories above.

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