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An example of average hover text. The yellow highlighted item is the "tooltip" as labeled on this wiki.

Tooltips are bits of "hover text" displayed when Desktop onlyOld-gen console versionConsole versionMobile version hovering over items or Nintendo 3DS version selecting them in the inventory.

The complete text shown for an item usually contains the item's statistics.

An added bit of text also appears on many items, which is what is referred to on this wiki as the item's "tooltip" (they are referred to this way in Terraria's game code as well). They usually describe the item further, often in fun or humorous ways.

The statistics portion of the hover text may contain any of the following:

Modifier effects, if applicable, always appear at the bottom of the tooltip, colored green (for good effects) or red (for negative effects).

Item type[]

Below is a chart of what will appear at the top of the hover text depending on the item type (weapons show no type indication):

Type Indication
Can be placed Found on blocks, walls, and furniture. Indicates the item is able to be placed.
Consumable Found on most consumable ranged weapons and critters when caught. Indicates the item will be "consumed" upon use.
Material Found on crafting materials. Indicates this item is used in the crafting recipe of another.
Equipable Found on armor, accessories, pets, light pets, and mounts. Indicates said item can be equipped in its respective slot in the Equipment Inventory.
Ammo Found on items used by other items as ammunition, like Gel, arrows, Wire, and bait items. Indicates this item can be placed in the ammo slots of the player's inventory.
Vanity Item Appears on vanity items. Indicates that the item will not provide any stat boosts when equipped as armor.
Right Click to open[1] Indicates the item is a grab bag. Appears on Treasure Bags, Presents, and Goodie Bags, etc. Note does not apply to the Console version Console version and Mobile version Mobile version. They have separate controls.
Nearby players get a bonus against: <enemy name(s)> Appears exclusively on enemy banners. Indicates that the banner will give a damage boost against that enemy when the player is in range of it.

Slot type[]

The following may additionally be displayed depending on the type or state of the item's inventory slot:

Message Indication
Marked as favorite
Quick trash, stacking, and selling will be blocked
Indicates the item is favorited.
Equipped in social slot
No stats will be gained
When any item is used in the social slots.

List of tooltips[]

Below is a listing of all tooltips.

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  1. Will appear as "Right Click" no matter what key "Interact" is set to.