The Tortured Soul is a rare enemy found in The Underworld, during Hardmode. Throwing Purification Powder on it causes it to turn into the Tax Collector. It isn't a good idea to kill it unless you don't want one.


  • It is not recommended to have minions active while looking for a Tortured Soul, since the minions will attack him and probably kill him before he can be purified. You can simply dismiss them if you want to.
  • He takes no damage from lava, but you must get him out before purifying him, because he will burn the moment you do it while he is in the lava and he will die.
  • He can be detected by Lifeform Analyzer or any of its upgrades.
  • He will only spawn if the Tax Collector is not in this world. When turned into the Tax Collector, no Tortured Soul can ever spawn again.
  • Only 1 of this enemy can exist in a world at any given time.


  • The Tortured Soul is most likely a reference to A Christmas Carol, specifically the character Jacob Marley.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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