Toxic Flask is a spell rarely dropped by Dr. Man Fly during a Solar Eclipse. The Toxic Flask is thrown rather than cast, and results in a large damaging cloud that lasts a few seconds upon impact with anything.

The highest prefix is Mythical, but there are also two other viable options for this weapon:

  • Masterful: Grants a 5% higher mana reduction than Mythical (20% total) while retaining the damage increase. Can be benefitial because of the relatively high mana cost of this weapon.
  • Ruthless: Has the highest damage boost out of all modifiers, but suffers a knockback penalty. The reduction in knockback can in fact, be benefitial when dealing against enemies that are very vulnerable to it, as they tend to be knocked away from the poisonous cloud.


  • This weapon is great for invasions as it deals large area-of-effect damage, which can hurt many mobs at once.
  • Due to the fact that the cloud lasts a short while, this can be used similar to the clinger staff to keep away enemies.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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