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Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert Mode and Expert Mode worlds.
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Treasure Bag
  • Treasure Bag item sprite
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TooltipDesktop version Right click to open /
Mobile version Double tap to open
RarityRarity level: Rainbow
Research3 required

Treasure Bags are consumable items obtained in Expert Mode and Master Mode as a reward for defeating bosses. Its contents depend on the boss it comes from. It is opened by either right-clicking it inside the inventory or using it while it is in your hand. In multiplayer, each player that deals damage to the boss receives one Treasure Bag upon completion. Treasure Bags are client-side and will despawn upon exiting the world.

Each Treasure Bag contains the boss's usual drops from normal mode, along with one Expert Mode-exclusive item (orange-highlighted items below) – with the exception of the Lunatic Cultist, Dark Mage, Betsy, and Ogre, who currently do not provide an Expert mode-exclusive item. Hardmode bosses' Treasure Bags additionally have a 5% chance to contain one random set of developer items (except for Queen Slime).

Expert mode-exclusive items all have the Rarity level: Rainbow rarity, with the exception of 0x33's Aviators.


Treasure Bag (King Slime)King Slime
Internal Item ID: 3318
Item Chance Amount
Royal GelRoyal Gel 100% 1
King Slime MaskKing Slime Mask 14.29% 1
Slimy SaddleSlimy Saddle 50% 1
Ninja HoodNinja Hood 66% 1
Ninja ShirtNinja Shirt 66% 1
Ninja PantsNinja Pants 66% 1
Slime GunSlime Gun 50% 1
Slime HookSlime Hook 50% 1
SolidifierSolidifier 100% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 1
Treasure Bag (Eye of Cthulhu)Eye of Cthulhu
Internal Item ID: 3319
Item Chance Amount
Shield of CthulhuShield of Cthulhu 100% 1
Eye of Cthulhu MaskEye of Cthulhu Mask 14.29% 1
BinocularsBinoculars 3.3% 1
Crimtane OreCrimtane Ore
(Crimson world)
100% 30-87
Crimson SeedsCrimson Seeds
(Crimson world)
100% 1-3
Demonite OreDemonite Ore
(Corrupt world)
100% 30-87
Corrupt SeedsCorrupt Seeds
(Corrupt world)
100% 1-3
Unholy ArrowUnholy Arrow
(Corrupt world)
100% 20-49
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 3
Treasure Bag (Eater of Worlds)Eater of Worlds
Internal Item ID: 3320
Item Chance Amount
Worm ScarfWorm Scarf 100% 1
Eater of Worlds MaskEater of Worlds Mask 14.29% 1
Demonite OreDemonite Ore 100% 30-59
Shadow ScaleShadow Scale 100% 10-19
Eater's BoneEater's Bone 5% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 3
Treasure Bag (Brain of Cthulhu)Brain of Cthulhu
Internal Item ID: 3321
Item Chance Amount
Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion 100% 1
Brain of Cthulhu MaskBrain of
Cthulhu Mask
14.29% 1
Crimtane OreCrimtane Ore 100% 40-90
Tissue SampleTissue Sample 100% 10-19
Bone RattleBone Rattle 5% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 1
Treasure Bag (Queen Bee)Queen Bee
Internal Item ID: 3322
Item Chance Amount
Hive PackHive Pack 100% 1
Queen Bee MaskQueen Bee Mask 14.29% 1
Bee GunBee Gun 33% 1
Bee KeeperBee Keeper 33% 1
The Bee's KneesThe Bee's Knees 33% 1
Honey CombHoney Comb 33% 1
NectarNectar 11% 1
Item Chance Amount
Honeyed GogglesHoneyed Goggles 11% 1
Hive WandHive Wand 100% 1
Bee HatBee Hat 33% 1
Bee ShirtBee Shirt 33% 1
Bee PantsBee Pants 33% 1
BeenadeBeenade 100% 10-29
Bee WaxBee Wax 100% 17-29
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 10
Treasure Bag (Deerclops)Deerclops
Internal Item ID: 5111
Item Chance Amount
Bone HelmBone Helm 100% 1
Deerclops MaskDeerclops Mask 14.29% 1
Eye BoneEye Bone 33% 1
EyebrellaEyebrella 33% 1
Radio ThingRadio Thing 33% 1
Item Chance Amount
Pew-matic HornPew-matic Horn 25% 1
Weather PainWeather Pain 25% 1
Houndius ShootiusHoundius Shootius 25% 1
Lucy the AxeLucy the Axe 25% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 10
Treasure Bag (Wall of Flesh)Wall of Flesh
Internal Item ID: 3324
Item Chance Amount
Demon HeartDemon Heart
(when no Demon Heart used yet)
100% 1
Wall of Flesh MaskWall of Flesh Mask 14.29% 1
PwnhammerPwnhammer 100% 1
Summoner EmblemSummoner Emblem 25% 1
Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem 25% 1
Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem 25% 1
Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem 25% 1
Laser RifleLaser Rifle 25%
Breaker BladeBreaker Blade 25%
Clockwork Assault RifleClockwork
Assault Rifle
FirecrackerFirecracker 25% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 8
Treasure Bag (Skeletron)Skeletron
Internal Item ID: 3323
Item Chance Amount
Bone GloveBone Glove 100% 1
Skeletron MaskSkeletron Mask 33% 1
Skeletron HandSkeletron Hand 33% 1
Book of SkullsBook of Skulls 33% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 5
Treasure Bag (The Twins)The Twins
Internal Item ID: 3326
Item Chance Amount
Mechanical Wheel PieceMechanical
Wheel Piece
100% 1
Twin MaskTwin Mask 14.29% 1
Soul of SightSoul of Sight 100% 25-40
Hallowed BarHallowed Bar 100% 20-35
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 12
Treasure Bag (The Destroyer)The Destroyer
Internal Item ID: 3325
Item Chance Amount
Mechanical Wagon PieceMechanical
Wagon Piece
100% 1
Destroyer MaskDestroyer Mask 14.29% 1
Soul of MightSoul of Might 100% 25-40
Hallowed BarHallowed Bar 100% 20-35
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 12
Treasure Bag (Skeletron Prime)Skeletron Prime
Internal Item ID: 3327
Item Chance Amount
Mechanical Battery PieceMechanical
Battery Piece
100% 1
Skeletron Prime MaskSkeletron Prime Mask 14.29% 1
Soul of FrightSoul of Fright 100% 25-40
Hallowed BarHallowed Bar 100% 20-35
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 12
Treasure Bag (Plantera)Plantera
Internal Item ID: 3328
Item Chance Amount
Spore SacSpore Sac 100% 1
Plantera MaskPlantera Mask 14.29% 1
Temple KeyTemple Key 100% 1
SeedlingSeedling 6.67% 1
The AxeThe Axe 5% 1
Pygmy StaffPygmy Staff 50% 1
Thorn HookThorn Hook 10% 1
Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher
+ Rocket IRocket I
14.29% 1
Venus MagnumVenus Magnum 14.29% 1
Nettle BurstNettle Burst 14.29% 1
Leaf BlowerLeaf Blower 14.29% 1
SeedlerSeedler 14.29% 1
Flower PowFlower Pow 14.29% 1
Wasp GunWasp Gun 14.29% 1
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 15
Treasure Bag (Golem)Golem
Internal Item ID: 3329
Item Chance Amount
Shiny StoneShiny Stone 100% 1
Golem MaskGolem Mask 14.29% 1
PicksawPicksaw 33.33% 1
+ Stynger BoltStynger Bolt
Possessed HatchetPossessed Hatchet 14.29%
Sun StoneSun Stone 14.29%
Eye of the GolemEye of the Golem 14.29%
PicksawPicksaw 12.5% 1
Heat RayHeat Ray 14.29%
Staff of EarthStaff of Earth 14.29%
Golem FistGolem Fist 14.29%
Beetle HuskBeetle Husk 100% 18-23
Gold CoinGold Coin 100% 12
Treasure Bag (Duke Fishron)Duke Fishron
Internal Item ID: 3330
Item Chance Amount
Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy Truffle 100% 1
Duke Fishron MaskDuke Fishron Mask 14.29% 1
Fishron WingsFishron Wings 10% 1
FlaironFlairon 20% 1
TsunamiTsunami 20% 1
Razorblade TyphoonRazorblade Typhoon 20% 1
Tempest StaffTempest Staff 20% 1
Bubble GunBubble Gun 20% 1
Silver CoinSilver Coin 100% 20
Treasure Bag (Lunatic Cultist)Lunatic Cultist
Internal Item ID: 3331
( currently unobtainable)
Item Chance Amount
Lunatic Cultist MaskLunatic Cultist Mask 14.29% 1
Silver CoinSilver Coin 100% 20
Treasure Bag (Dark Mage)Dark Mage
Internal Item ID: 3862
( currently unobtainable)
Treasure Bag (Ogre)Ogre
Internal Item ID: 3861
( currently unobtainable)
Treasure Bag (Moon Lord)Moon Lord
Internal Item ID: 3332
Item Chance Amount
Gravity GlobeGravity Globe 100% 1
Suspicious Looking TentacleSuspicious Looking Tentacle 100% 1
Celestial StarboardCelestial Starboard 100% 1
Moon Lord MaskMoon Lord Mask 14.29% 1
LuminiteLuminite 100% 90-110
Meowmere MinecartMeowmere Minecart 10% 1
Portal GunPortal Gun
(when no Portal Gun in inventory)
100% 1
MeowmereMeowmere 11% 1
TerrarianTerrarian 11% 1
Item Chance Amount
Star WrathStar Wrath 11% 1
S.D.M.G.S.D.M.G. 11% 1
Celebration Mk2Celebration Mk2 11% 1
CelebrationCelebration 11% 1
Last PrismLast Prism 11% 1
Lunar FlareLunar Flare 11% 1
Rainbow Crystal StaffRainbow Crystal Staff 11% 1
Lunar Portal StaffLunar Portal Staff 11% 1
Treasure Bag (Betsy)Betsy
Internal Item ID: 3860
Item Chance Amount
Betsy MaskBetsy Mask 14.29% 1
Aerial BaneAerial Bane 25% 1
Flying DragonFlying Dragon 25% 1
Betsy's WrathBetsy's Wrath 25% 1
Sky Dragon's FurySky Dragon's Fury 25% 1
Betsy's WingsBetsy's Wings 25% 1
Defender MedalDefender Medal 100% 30-49
Treasure Bag (Empress of Light)Empress of Light
Internal Item ID: 4782
Item Chance Amount
Soaring InsigniaSoaring Insignia 100% 1
Empress of Light MaskEmpress of Light Mask 14.29% 1
Empress WingsEmpress Wings 10% 1
Stellar TuneStellar Tune 5% 1
Prismatic DyePrismatic Dye 25% 1
Rainbow CursorRainbow Cursor 5% 1
StarlightStarlight 25% 1
NightglowNightglow 25% 1
EventideEventide 25% 1
KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope 25% 1
Treasure Bag (Queen Slime)Queen Slime
Internal Item ID: 4957
Item Chance Amount
Volatile GelatinVolatile Gelatin 100% 1
Sparkle Slime BalloonSparkle Slime Balloon 100% 25-74
Queen Slime MaskQueen Slime Mask 14.29% 1
Gelatinous PillionGelatinous Pillion 50% 1
Hook of DissonanceHook of Dissonance 50% 1
Blade StaffBlade Staff 33% 1
Crystal Assassin HoodCrystal Assassin Hood 67% 1
Crystal Assassin ShirtCrystal Assassin Shirt 67% 1
Crystal Assassin PantsCrystal Assassin Pants 67% 1

Internal rarity[]

Each Treasure Bag has an internal rarity, despite being Expert items, which always have a Rarity level: Rainbow rarity.

Developer items[]

In addition to the above, all Treasure Bags from Hardmode bosses (except Queen Slime's) have a 5% chance to contain a random set of developer items, meaning that each set has a 0.28% chance of being in a Hardmode boss Treasure Bag. Obtaining a Treasure Bag in an Expert world, then opening the bag in a Normal world will retain the Treasure Bag's chance to yield developer items.

Red's set
Cenx's set
Cenx's Dress set
Crowno's set
Will's set
Jim's set
Aaron's set
D-Town's set
Lazure's set
Yoraiz0r's set
Skiphs's set
Loki's set
Arkhalis's set
Leinfors' set
Ghostar's set
Safeman's set
FoodBarbarian's set
Grox The Great's set

Expert-exclusive item details[]

Bag Boss Item Function
Treasure Bag (King Slime).png King Slime Royal GelRoyal Gel Slimes become friendly.
Treasure Bag (Eye of Cthulhu).png Eye of Cthulhu Shield of CthulhuShield of Cthulhu Double tap to dash, dealing damage.
Treasure Bag (Eater of Worlds).png Eater of Worlds Worm ScarfWorm Scarf Reduces damage taken by 17%.
Treasure Bag (Brain of Cthulhu).png Brain of Cthulhu Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion May confuse nearby enemies after being struck.

Gives the player a 1/6 chance of dodging an attack, and increases critical strike chance by 10% / !!Error: Invalid EICONS input! 20% for 4 / !!Error: Invalid EICONS input! 5 seconds if successful.

Treasure Bag (Queen Bee).png Queen Bee Hive PackHive Pack Increases the strength of friendly bees.
Treasure Bag (Skeletron).png Skeletron Bone GloveBone Glove Throws Crossbones when the player attacks.

Throws empowered Bones, 33% chance to not consume bone.

Treasure Bag (Wall of Flesh).png Wall of Flesh Demon HeartDemon Heart Permanently increases the number of accessory slots by one.
Can only be used once. Only usable and only has effect in Expert Mode and Master Mode.
Treasure Bag (Queen Slime).png Queen Slime Volatile GelatinVolatile Gelatin Damages enemies near the player when equipped.
Treasure Bag (The Destroyer).png The Destroyer Mechanical Wagon PieceMechanical Wagon Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
Treasure Bag (The Twins).png The Twins Mechanical Wheel PieceMechanical Wheel Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
Treasure Bag (Skeletron Prime).png Skeletron Prime Mechanical Battery PieceMechanical Battery Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
Treasure Bag (Plantera).png Plantera Spore SacSpore Sac Summons spores over time that will damage enemies.
Treasure Bag (Empress of Light).png Empress of Light Soaring InsigniaSoaring Insignia Allows infinite flight times, increases flight and jump mobility.
Treasure Bag (Golem).png Golem Shiny StoneShiny Stone Greatly increases life regeneration when not moving.
Treasure Bag (Duke Fishron).png Duke Fishron Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy Truffle A mount with endless flying, extremely fast in water or

when the rider is below half health.

Treasure Bag (Moon Lord).png Moon Lord Gravity GlobeGravity Globe Allows the holder to reverse gravity until another surface is hit. ( Can be toggled mid-air.)
Suspicious Looking TentacleSuspicious Looking Tentacle A Light Pet that senses nearby enemies, treasure, and ores.
Celestial StarboardCelestial Starboard An Accessory that allows flight and slow fall.


  • In multiplayer, participation is based on damage dealt to the boss. Players who did not deal at least 1 point of damage to the boss will not receive a bag.
    • It is advisable to open bags on the ground in a quiet area if you have a full inventory as the delay in picking up the prizes can cause items to fall to other players.
  • Treasure yields are considerably higher in multiplayer - multiple bags are handed out, with each containing the entire reward of a kill, and drop rates on the boss's unique items are often doubled.
  • Trophies are not obtained from Treasure Bags. Instead, they are dropped separately from the boss itself.


  • The Moon Lord's Treasure Bag is the only one to include both more than two Expert mode items and no money.
  • Betsy's Treasure Bag is the only (obtainable) bag that does not have an Expert mode item. It is also (along with the Moon Lord's) one of the only ones to contain no money, replacing coins with Defender Medals.
  • The Lunatic Cultist, Ogre, and Dark Mage have sprites for a Treasure Bag, even though they do not drop one.
  • Unlike the Lunatic Cultist's Treasure Bag, the Ogre and Dark Mage do not have data assigned to their Treasure Bags, as attempting to hack in either one will cause them to disappear from the player's inventory instantly.
  • Queen Slime's Treasure Bag is the only hardmode Treasure Bag to not drop developer items.
    • !!Error: Invalid EICONS input!Additionally, it is the only Treasure Bag to not have the tooltip "Right Click to open"
  • Treasure Bags are referred to as "Boss Bag" in their Item IDs.
  • Pre-Hardmode Treasure Bags drop developer items in the celebrationmk10 seed


  • Desktop 1.4.3:
    • Added Deerclops' Treasure Bag.
    • All Treasure Bags now display the name of their related boss in parentheses (instead of only "Treasure Bag").
  • Desktop
    • Dropped Treasure Bags now have a special light effect around to highlight them.
    • Added Queen Slime and Empress of Light's Treasure Bags.
    • Sprites updated.
    • Added Ghostar, Safeman, FoodBarbarian and Grox the Great's sets to the drop pool.
    • Added Celestial Starboard to Moon Lord's Treasure Bag.
    • Added Arkhalis to Arkhalis' set.
  • Desktop Fixed Betsy's Treasure Bag having an incorrect name (was "ItemName.BossBagBetsy").

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