This boss is found only in the 3DS version(s) of Terraria.
Turkor the Ungrateful is a Mobile version-exclusive boss that can be summoned only during the Thanksgiving season. Its body appears to be a cooked turkey on a plate, and its head is attached by a long, flexible spine. The head must be destroyed first, otherwise the body will only take 1 damage per hit. Once the head is destroyed, the body is vulnerable to attacks for 25 seconds, after which more heads grow. Killing only the heads is one of the best ways to make money on the Mobile version, as the coins drop upon killing the heads, not the body itself.


Turkor spawns when the player has a Pet Turkey active and uses the Cursed Stuffing. This will despawn the Turkey Pet and use up the Turkey Feather.

Due to a bug, if the player throws the feather into the chest and then uses the cursed stuffing, the feather will not vanish and the boss still spawns normally.

The Battle

  • The head will try to peck at you and can move through blocks. Its body does high damage on contact, but does not move.
  • Once you destroy the first head you will have 25 seconds to hit the body. (Attacking the body before the head(s) are dead will only do 1 damage.)
  • After the 25 seconds are up, it will regrow 2 heads. After killing those, you will have another 25 seconds to attack the body. Then it will grow 3 heads, and you will have another 25 seconds to hit the body. It will continue to grow 3 heads until defeated. A fast way to kill him is to use a high damage high speed melee weapon on the heads then use the mana flower with the magical harp on the body.


  • Turkor can be farmed easily by only attacking the heads.
  • Turkor the Ungrateful is one of the only stationary bosses in the game, the others being the Celestial Towers.
  • Turkor The Ungrateful, Lepus and the Celestial Towers are the only bosses that don’t drop trophies.


  • Turkor may only spawn one head and move faster (possibly multiplayer only).
  • Turkor may despawn randomly, or not spawn at all.
  • Turkor can be spawned without sacrificing a Turkey Feather by placing the Turkey Feather in a Chest before using a Cursed Stuffing.
  • The body can be killed before first killing the head(s), spawning 3 individual heads that can freely wander a world, still doing damage.
  • Turkor heads could have invisible spines in other devices.The spines that make the heads freely move.

Update Info

Icon mobile v1.1.6255

  • Added to the game.
Turkor the Ungrateful
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