This boss is found only in the mobile version(s) of Terraria.

Turkor the Ungrateful is a mobile exclusive boss that is available to fight during the Thanksgiving holiday. It is comprised of a cooked turkey on a platter, with an extendible head attached to a long spine.


Turkor spawns when the player has a Pet Turkey active and uses the Cursed Stuffing. This will despawn the Turkey Pet and use up the Turkey Feather.

The Battle

  • The head will try to peck at you and can move through blocks. Its body does high damage on contact, but does not move.
  • Once you destroy the first head you will have 25 seconds to hit the body. (Attacking the body before the head(s) are dead will only do 1 damage.)
  • After the 25 seconds are up, it will regrow 2 heads. After killing those, you will have another 25 seconds to attack the body. Then it will grow 3 heads, and you will have another 25 seconds to hit the body. It will continue to grow 3 heads until defeated. A fast way to kill him is to use a high damage high speed melee weapon on the heads then use the mana flower with the magical harp on the body.


  • Turkor may only spawn one head and move faster (possibly multiplayer only).
  • Turkor may despawn randomly, or not spawn at all.
  • Turkor can be spawned without sacrificing a Turkey Feather by placing the Turkey Feather in a Chest before using a Cursed Stuffing.

Update Info

Icon mobile v1.1.6255

  • Added to the game.
Turkor the Ungrateful
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