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Underground Cabins are small subterranean structures generated at world creation. They are themed after the biome they are found in, being built with blocks that represent that biome, and contain the appropriate chest type that carries all the special loot. Often they also contain pots for additional loot. Chests found in Underground Cabins require no keys to unlock, and contain an assortment of accessories, potions, weapons and coins. Underground Cabins also contain various furniture items such as statues, tables, chairs, bookcases, kegs, looms, pianos, extractinators, and chandeliers. Many paintings can in particular be obtained only from Underground Cabins.


  • Cabins may be used for housing if they are 'repaired' in the sense of patching up wall holes and supplying any missing furniture requirements. This does not require the player to destroy existing walls or furniture and then re-place them. Alternatively it is entirely possible to destroy the entire cabin and then use the materials to build a house elsewhere.
  • Chandeliers, if present, are usually turned off; they may or may not be wired to a switch that can turn them on, but in any case breaking and replacing them will leave them lit.
  • Cabins are frequently set with traps, including activated statues wired to pressure plates, but the wire circuits powering them are often incomplete and present no risk to the player.
  • Underground Cabins can occur in any underground biome.


  • Underground Minecart Tracks can occasionally run through an Underground Cabin, making the cabin looking like a train stop.
  • In Celebrationmk10 worlds, half of all Underground Cabins will have their blocks and walls replaced with Rainbow Bricks. Any flowing water touching the aforementioned rare cabin will also cycle through the colors and appear as rainbow.



  • Desktop
    • Generation pattern changed. Rather than being shapeless structures, Underground Cabins are much more uniform and rectangular.
    • Now generate in more biomes and use the corresponding blocks and furniture to those biomes.