this article concerns the Underground Corruption after you have beaten the Wall of Flesh. Until WoF is killed, the Underground Corruption will not spawn these enemies, and any enemies killed in the Underground Corruption will not drop a Soul of Night.
Underground Corruption

The Underground Corruption

The Underground Corruption is the underground counterpart of the surface Corruption Biome. It is most recognizable by the purple or black background (similar to the Underground Hallow's pink background). The Underground Corruption and the Underground Hallow are the only underground biomes with their own themes. The Underground Corruption's theme starts with the normal underground theme, before fading into the Corruption theme.

The Monsters found in the Underground Corruption are:

Other monsters may wander into the Underground Corruption, e.g., Giant Bats, Giant Worms, Skeletons, Skeleton Archers and Armored Skeletons.

All monsters in the Underground Corruption (including those that have wandered in) have a chance to drop a Soul of Night, which is used to make many rare items, including the Demon Wings.


  • A player may also create their own Underground Corruption by throwing Unholy Water at Stone and Sand blocks, turning them into Ebonstone and Ebonsand respectively. As the player spreads the corrupted blocks, the violet background will appear. (The same applies with the Underground Hallow using Holy Water, which will show the pink background.)
  • When Hard Mode is activated, not only do the existing Corruption biomes begin to spread beyond any previous borders (as imposed by Stone or Sunflower barriers and so forth), but a large diagonal chunk of the world will be transformed into a Corruption biome. As such, if you wish to cleanse the Corruption, it may be best to wait until the Clentaminator has been obtained.
  • Both the Underground Corruption and the Underground Hallow biomes pose considerable threat to players who have just entered Hard Mode, and it is advisable to avoid them until Mythril- or Orichalcum-level equipment (or higher) has been obtained.
  • One of the most readily available barriers to prevent the Corruption spreading is Wood. As the Corruption can overtake the Underground Jungle, it may be advisable to check up on the proximity of existing Corrupted areas to the surface or underground Jungle and set some wooden barriers in place to prevent it being overrun with corruption.


  • A Corruptor will have a low chance to drop a Soul of Night.
  • You can easily farm Souls of Night by killing the Eater Of Worlds in the Underground Corruption, or by placing more than 50 blocks of Meteorite, and killing the Meteor Heads that will spawn.
  • It is recommended that lower-level players avoid the Corruption until better gear is obtained.
  • In Hard Mode, it's recommended that players have higher-tier armor, such as Mythril Armor or Higher, before advancing to the Underground Corruption. It and the Underground Hallow are two of the hardest biomes in the game.

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