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The Underground Desert is a biome found by entering the giant sinkhole in the Desert biome. It is mostly made out of Hardened Sand Block, Sandstone Block, and Desert Fossil, with Desert Fossil being the rarest of these. Various ores also spawn in it. It has an elliptical shape to it when viewed on the map. There is a chance that a double sinkhole can spawn.

Before entering the Underground Desert, it is recommended to have plenty of torches or any other source of light (as with any time one is underground), as well as anything for vertical movement, such as Rocket Boots, Spectre Boots, Cloud in a Bottle, Cloud in a Balloon, Rope, etc.

The Desert, including the Underground Desert is susceptible to the Corruption and the Crimson, turning Hardened Sand into Hardened Ebonsand/Crimsand, as well as Sandstone into Ebonsandstone or Crimsandstone. Desert fossil cannot be overtaken, but there is too little to have much of an impact on the spread of evil through the Underground Desert. This also applies to the Hallow, with Hardened Sand becoming Hardened Pearlsand and Sandstone becoming Pearlsandstone.


  • It is comprised of many small cavities, many of which are connected, creating cave-like formations.

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