Value Speed
≤8 Insanely Fast
9-20 Very Fast
21-25 Fast
26-30 Average
31-35 Slow
36-45 Very Slow
46-55 Extremely Slow
≥56 Snail

Use time is a game mechanic that determines the rate of fire for ranged and magic weapons in game. Use time is a solid number (for example, the use time for the Minishark is 8). The Use time is the number of frames it takes for one shot to be fired, (Which means the Minishark would fire one round every 8 frames). To calculate the DPS (Damage Per Second) use the following equation:

$ \mathit{DPS}=\frac{\text{Your FPS}}{\text{Use time}} \times \text{Damage per Shot} $

The equation above does not include multipliers and modifiers.


  • Remember that the faster your weapon is (or the lower your Use Time value is), the more ammunition you will use in a quicker amount of time.
    • As a result of this, Slower, more Damage Per Shot weapons should be chosen over more Faster but less Damage per Shot weapons if the player does not resources or Money for ammunition. This being said, if you have enough resources to make lots of ammunition, then chose the faster weapon, as missing your target with a slower weapon is a lot less unforgiving then missing a shot with a faster weapon.
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