aka Brandon

  • I live in CA
  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is Website Designer
  • I am Male

Brandon's Bio

My Favorite pages


The BrandonTerrarias loves terraria and minecraft,He specializes in making Mobile Version pages for the mobile users! His first page was Lepus. He likes to edit incorrect pages and makes them accurate. He also makes stub have for useful information.


He has played every version of Terraria so he knows a lot. He has defeated many bosses and knows a lot about them. He has played Terraria since it came out (May 16 2011) and loves it. He likes the PC Version the best but plays the Mobile Version The Most.


He plays most of the versions of minecraft and minecraft is his favorite game. He has played minecraft since 2010 and knows a lot about it. He plays the PC verison the most and likes it the best.

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