Welcome to my Profile

Hello, i'm just your regular wikia contributor with a litlte higher knowledge on some advanced matters, such as template edition and documentation. While busy at the moment, i'm trying my best to improve the overall look&feel of this wikia.

Any doubts, questions and complaints about my edits or behavior, please leave a message at my Talk Page, where i will read them out asap.

My edits are meant to be made in good faith, using knowledge from gameplay experiences and searching in trustworth sources before commiting the edits here, at this wikia.

Current Projects:

- Update information about the Expert Mode. Also fill-in missing stats in their articles infoboxes.

- Update old, obsolete images with new up-to-date versions.

- Seek out and fix redlinks, or add missing Article Page, based on relevancy.

- Revert Vandalism.


Name Description Status
Add Missing Bows into the Bows Template Adding missing bows into the template, such as Helwing bow, Daedalus, Tsunami, etc. Done
New Infobox:Monsters icons Add new icons for the "Spawn Area", such as grass blocks, to better describe where the entity spawns at. Done
Slime Pages Add the Expert-Mode stats to their Infobox and include the new "Immune to" layout. Done
Old One's Army Add the missing information about the Old One's Army missing entities and items. Done, Missing Old One's Skeleton Sprite
New IDList Layout Propose a new layout for the ID List. Rejected

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