Welcome to my page

Hello, i'm just your regular wikia contributor, spending a little more time on this wikia in particular. Right now i'm re-learning a bit of CSS and JS file scripting, more specifically about Table layouts and formatting.

Current Projects:

- Update information about the Expert Mode. Also fill-in missing stats in their articles infoboxes.

- Revert Vandalism.


Name Description Status
Slime Pages Add the Expert-Mode stats to their Infobox and include the new "Immune to" layout. Completed
Old One's Army Add the missing information about the Old One's Army missing entities and items. 92% Completed, Missing Old One's Skeleton Sprite
New IDList Layout Propose a new layout for the ID List. Rejected

Pages Description Author
Terra Blade User vandalized the crafting recipe list. Vandalism removed in 11/17/2019. Cjgamer
Terra Blade User posted off-topic images on the gallery. Minor vandalism, fixed in 11/17/2019. KickMyFacius
Crafting/Basic Crafting Recipes User removed all content of the page. Serious Vandalism, fixed in 11/10/2019. TerrazSkye
Eater of Worlds User switched images with improper, graphical ones in the Infobox. Vandalism removed in 10/23/2019. Nahfrdatway
Ice Machine

Spectre Boots Terrarian Portal Gun

User posted false information in those articles. Vandalism removed in 10/18/2019. JayLeno420

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