Greetings, Fleshy Mammals!

Hello there

My name's Dan. I'm a big fan of Terraria, starting back in November 2011, and I can say that this game is amazing. I'm a mainly PC-using player, but I rarely do console. Starting with console, and later getting into PC, I have spent over 2,600 hours of my life playing this game and they have been totally worth it!

If you need help with boss strategies/tips or general help, leave a question on my talk page.

I have a tendency to ramble. I still don't know what causes this, though likely it's my vast intelligence from watching Rick and Morty but you wouldn't understand its subtle humor you unintelligent fools.

My Time (if you're interested): 23:38, Tue 1 December 2020

What do I do on the wiki?

I've been a member of the Wikia for a long time, just never been really bothered to do much. Mostly what I'll do is click through the Random Page button and correct any bad edits, missing categories, etc. that I find. Generally I'll edit a page, and sometimes the wiki's local quality-checkers and superheroes Squazzil and Renz come and do some extra cleaning I didn't notice, which I really do appreciate. I mostly work with the Update Info template and images, which is why articles with outdated pictures trigger me immensely.

To Do List:

  • Add all the DD2 item pages
  • Nitpick just about every missing period or comma I can find
  • Weed out the bad spellers on this wiki and crush them teach them grammar
  • Finish the Weapons List page
  • Update all the Update History templates and sprites

ULTIMATE GOAL: Make the Wikia a place I would rather come to than the Gamepedia; this means putting in real effort and real work to make it better than the Gamepedia could ever be!


World Formations and Builds

Bonus: Favorites and Facts


Facts and Trivia

  • I once spent a total of 20 hours across 4 real-life days trying to get one Medusa Head for my singleplayer playthrough. Bonus Tip: The Medusa Head is incredibly useful against the Wall of Flesh.
  • To me, the most annoying enemy in the game is Ichor Sticker, due to their long-range defense-depredating damage-dishing ichor spit attacks that make early Hardmode particularly hard.
  • I am a cat person and I own two cats, Tiger and Oliver. There's nothing wrong with dogs, though!
  • I have every achievement except for Supreme Helper Minion.
  • I've played over 2,500 hours of Terraria in my lifetime, and the numbers keep on growing.
  • Aside from Terraria, I also play various other games, including but not limited to: CS:GO, TF2, Spore, Blockland, Unturned, Risk of Rain, Puzzle Pirates -- the list goes on!
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