"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


Oh, hello! I'm Dat Bisharp, a pretty chill player who does get triggered sometimes. I play modded and I have PS3, Mobile, and PC.

The closest battle in Pokémon Showdown! I've ever had!

I have some pretty weird favorites, but here they are!
NPC 345

My favorite bosses are Moon Lord and Ice Queen

My favorite weapons are the Roman Candle, Blizzard Staff and Razorpine

My favorite monsters are the Floaty Gross and Drakanian

NPC 518

I really like the Solar Pillar and Nebula Pillar. Though, I've had trouble with the Nebula Pillar... I only died once to the Solar Pillar, and unlike most people I actually didn't die to the Crawltipede. I used the Basilisk mount around it so I never actually flew.

I love a little friendly debate every now and then. Feel free to talk to me on my wall, by the way! I'd love talking to you, as long as its just a nice little chat.

That's enough about me! Ba bye!
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