aka Frisk

  • I live in The underworld
  • My occupation is The ruins
  • I am Unknown since 2015


I am determined, a console player who has pretty cool weapons. Determined is not my gamer tag, but if I told the world some people might come to my main world and steal, destroy, and troll.

About myself

I am not a griever and determined to kill the practice. I am a magician and ranged player wearing Nebula Armor. Also I suck at talking but I am getting better.

Some weapons

future weapons(can target any)

  • Slime Staff (make sure it’s broken so I can get the most coins)
  • Medusa Head (freeze enemies, FREEZE. Oh wait, it doesn’t do that. Turn to... it doesn’t do that either. Die enemies DIE.)
  • to be continued with great answers (I will teach you to great ways of farming these)

farming strategies

make sure you have a water candle or battle potion (crafting:1 Bottled Water;1 Deathweed;1 Rotten Chunk or Vertebrae; crafted at Alchemy Station or bottle on a table) expert mode increases drop rates

  1. sharanga: 2 Molten Fury and 10 Hellstone Bar (easiest one)
  2. Inferno fork: farm the diabolist like my rage of them taking advantage of low health.
  3. Spectre staff: Ragged Caster farm (while doing that you can farm the Inferno fork or Necromancer for shadowbeam staff)
  4. unholy trident: farm Red Devil like never farmed before
  5. Lucky coin: farm pirate armies like you want discounts at your local store (chance of Pirate Staff being dropped
  6. celestial cuffs: Magic Cuffs+Celestial Magnet= traveling merchant is useful now
  7. Bundle of balloons: Cloud in a Balloon+ Blizzard in a Balloon+Sandstorm in a Balloon= 2 more balloons needed.
  8. Mechanical Glove: you need the Avenger Emblem which is crafted with the Ranger Emblem, Sorcerer Emblem, and Warrior Emblem. There are all drops from the Wall of Flesh. You also need a power glove which is crafted with Titan Glove, and Feral Claws. ( to get avenger emblem you need 5 of every boss soul and any emblem.)
  9. Celestrial emblem: same as the mech glove but without the Titan glove and with a Celestial Magnet
  10. Cosmic car key: make an arena for Martian saucers and hope for the best. (Forgotten links: Martian Saucer, [1] )
  11. demon heart: fight the omega wall o doom on expert mode.
  12. slime staff: get a slime statue and hook it up to some wires.
  13. Mudusa head: farm the marble place until the you turn to stone. Then keep doing that for either a mudusa Head or a Pocket Mirror (look at your reflection while killing the mudusa sounds good)

addition to that

comments of questions will have answers when I get to them or someone else answers it...

I just taught you how to get a Ankh Shield easy

  • Slime staff: find a slime statue, hook it up to electronics (traps can be included) and start farming the slime staff (also a good way to keep you flamethrower ammo going)
  • pirate staff: same as lucky coin
  • pirate maps: in the ocean where the ocean creatures like going
  • solar tablet: place water candles all over the Jungle Temple and farm mobs. You can also create small worlds and find them there.
  • any key mold: build a good size farm arena, then Farm the king slime til he drops it. you Can also place water candles in this biome and farm from that.
  • banners: statues; you are by yourself on that.
  • Lihzahrd Power Cell or Solar Tablet: farm lizards, while you renovate the temple you bust any trap you see. I call that temple ramshacking. Keep doing this and eventually you will get what you want.
  • any solar eclipse item: ramshackle the temple and spawn the solar eclipses.
  • More coming soon


Being a greiver is not cool.

  • if you demolish: people build for a really good reason, to get stronger. If you demolish their builds or traps, it takes longer for them to build back and strengthen. If you want to demolish ask the person if you need anything demolished and break that. If you accidentally break something else help them make repairs.
  • if you steal: you just taken what you could’ve once had. If you steal they might block you and won’t let you back in. This makes people weaker because weapons are being taken from their rightful owners ALL the time. Weakening a person is bad from them and might make them lose confidence of letting anyone they don’t know on. If you steal stop and make friends. Friends give you valuable items like terra blades, Influx Waver, anything no stealing required.
  • if you spawn bosses on the weak: that’s just bad spawning bosses on weak people and watching them die. Why would you do that? It is stopping them from being strong like that pro who never greivied. there is another name for that, money taking. Stealing money is cruel as it gives you the advantage over him on prices. If you think the price is too high just get a Discount Card and see as all the prices go on sale.
  • ultimate reason not to greif is: ”treat others as you want to be treated,” everyone heard that quote right? If you greif someone they might come back at you and you wouldn’t feel good if someone stole your stuff,money and destroyed your houses would you. If you have a good memory of the nametags of greivied people they might ask someone else to do it. There is a name for all this to, it’s name is karma. You do bad=right back at you, good things=right back at you

Law firms

If I hear someone has been grieved or me. I will start a law firm and he must answer questions to prove not guilty or if he is, lower the punishment. (Block only to I tell a lot of your clubs and friends and a report and block)

If you report something to me for law firms it must have these requirements:

  • Xbox one only
  • a picture of what happened (or a recording, if the recording or picture has him in it, it will lead to a immediate law firm with him already proven guilty, if this happens he is forced to plead guilty or else his punishment will increase)
  • what he did
  • the gamertags of the people
  • the people with you
  • where you were when you I’d you were gone or not
  • people you don’t know joining

After this the law firm will begin and I will make sure you know what happened.

law firms that happened

  1. my first case happened to me. I have in the update log for main character that I was grieved. I was in the jungle with a friend proving him not guilty. The trouble makers worked together to steal as much as possible (including the chest they found) and destroy as much as possible. The people’s gamertags are sincer3aces and evensauce845 . Sincer was a decoy so sauce could continue unnoticed. But he made the mistake of saying “I did it” for me, and lies everywhere else. They were both reported. Sincer remained silent for too long therefore he was proven guilty. You already know how I know evensauce “did it”. If you see these people don’t let them in, and a report will help me rid them by having Xbox live ban them. I still have the end as some evidence.
  2. empty

Player Update Log

Past Log

  • Gets the infernal fork and claims that to be the new terra blade
  • gets a Spectre rod 10 seconds afterward
  • ruins a mechanical glove (turns it to fire gauntle) and gives it to the melee brother.
  • still sucks at pvp.

Update Log

  1. Gets a mech glove. My terra blade does 133 damage and other items have slight damage buff.
  2. My old world is now up for play
  3. creating an expert mode main named the end v2
  4. completes a Martian invasion and gets influx Weaver
  5. dies to Skeletron first try on expert.
  6. dies to moon lord multiple times
  7. mana nukes are here and nebula blazes kill.
  8. my new end v2 went missing, I had to create a new one!
  9. I got all the strongest Hardmode ore.
  10. I have a Brian of confusion on demon heart slot. I will put a celestial emblem there when I got it.
  11. celestial emblem is it’s spot.
  12. beats moon lord a few times
  13. STILL sucks on pvp
  14. please give pvp tips in talk page
  15. if you want souls of night, you came to the wrong place (way more hollow than crimson)
  16. creates the amethyst joke ( I am-a-fist) now a meme
  17. fishes in crimson to obtain a Bladetongue which is nimble in my inventory
  18. creates three mini games (parkour race;spleef;knock out). knock out is 5 players with a arena with multiple holes, your goal is to push a player into a hole (or kill him) with the copper axe provided
  19. parkour race is played and I win (pve mode)
  20. finally got a lucky coin, having extreme unluckiness with a slime staff
  21. updated the statue farm with dart traps.
  22. horrid news, the end was destroyed. Fortunately the culprits (in my party) has been caught and because of once silence, he was reported, the other had the worst lie blaming it on another man (saying he made me do it), he was not only reported but I told some of his clubs, friends, and most of his favorite. The people’s gamertags are sincer3aces and evensauce845

  1. plays new character called màñá and world called màñá sometimes
  2. defeats eye of Cthulhu and eater of worlds with
  3. defeats eater of worlds.
  4. grabs shadow armor and is now going for jungle armor.
  5. finally on to tell you I got jungle armor
  6. aiming for staff now
  7. running out for some resources with a friend (also a new player named: link. He just created the character and I gave him some stuff so it isn’t cheating) and encountered a granite biome and marble biome. Here I got the one and only night vision googles.
  8. nup edam weN (I am on sapphire yadot lol. Read it darwkcab. Read the first sentence in a when yaw)
  9. create hellavator with a friend.
  10. I get javelins for the other friend which is ranged.
  11. I farm the dungeon and I get all the mage items including the exclusive clother voodoo mall
  12. has all mage items in hell including the exclusive guide voodoo llod
  13. farms skeleton for that mage item
  14. gets a slime rain, shoots the slime rain, kills the noob slime, and gets a slime mount

  1. starts in a very good spawn place where a wooden chest has shurikens and a hard climbing claws. Expert mode
  2. finds a big tree with archery potions and some coins. Also a home for a guide
  3. goes left more and while killing zombies and gets Eskimo armor and a ice boomerang (I throw it, it counts as range.)
  4. makes two more homes for a demolitionits and merchant.
  5. mines for ore and get gold bow.

I don’t know exactly how I beat bosses like this. His will be ca11er

I will do this after summoner

  1. starting the first day of this. I have tin,silver, and more tin armor. Gold sword. Cactus Pickaxe. Tin axe. And a wooden Yoyo (it does melee damage, it counts). Enchanted boomerang (same here).

Brawler is currently in play, he can be Multiplayer. Not expert mostly because my true noob form get revealed in melee combat.

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