DieGo 82

aka Desmond the Despot

  • I live in Belgium
  • I am Male

Welcome to my personal page. I have been playing the game since 2011 version 1.0.5 on pc and I am still not tired of the game. I believe I have some knowledge of the game but don't kill me if I get something wrong. If you want to ask me anything contact me on my talk page or, if you're a PC player, add me on Steam (leave me a message on my talk page if you're going to add me with your steam-handle, or I will ignore the request).

Wiki Use

These are the things I do around here. I don't go in the live chat so if you need me leave me a message

  • Primarily checking stuff to help in my game.
  • Follow all new recent activity
  • Replying on new comments if I can be of help.
  • Double checking new edits.

Current Game Quests

These are the goals I set myself so I would keep playing the game. If you have any tips or advice, feel free to tell me on my talk page.

Primary goals

These are the things I'd like to have completed before the 1.3 update.

  • Fishing Quests: in order to optain the Fin Wings: then I'll have all the wings available and all fish quest items.
  • Defeating Frost Moons: going for all its items.
  • Defeating Pumpkin Moons: going for all its items.

Secondary goals

These are the things to keep me busy.

  • Building farms for stuff
  • Reforging all my gear for the best prefix.

Completed goals

  • Defeating Plantera: I'm still missing The Axe. Finally got The Axe, and it's Godly. Party-time, excellent.
  • Defeating Chaos Elementals: Trying to acquire the Rod of Discord. It has it's use. I think the wormhole potion in 1.3 will render the rod obsolete though.
  • Defeating Pumpkin Moons: I'd like to get The Horseman's Blade to see what all the fuss is about. I'm not impressed. The Terra Blade is much more powerful if wielded skillfully and the Flairon has better and more homing projectiles.
  • Farming for Corruption Key Molds: To complete my treasure room. Once done I'll upload a picture of all Chests currently available in the game. Picture is found below
  • Trying to catch the Tree Nymph Butterfly: Then I'll have all pets in a jar. I'll upload a picture once I caught one. Picture is found below

My uploaded pictures

My favorite pages

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