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Hi! I'm Fruipit, and while I'm not sure how long I'll be hanging around, I hope to help while I'm here. A few things you should note about me:

  • I'm a girl
  • I'm Australian
  • I literally only just started playing this game. I've lost count of how many times I've died

Now that's out of the way, I can tell you some actual stuff about me that isn't important to this wiki at all.

My home wiki is over at Avatar Wiki, and you can find me over there... oh, almost all day. I know my way around Wikia fairly well, so I tend to do formatting stuff and rewrites. I try and contribute positively to this wiki, although I actually know very little about the game (I'm still strutting around penniless and in wooden armour). So, excuse any issues that may pop up with my edits, such as inaccurate rewrites and the like :)

Another thing is that I spend a lot of my time writing, so I like to think I'm pretty good at grammar/spelling/punctuation. That being said, I use British English, so please excuse any discrepancies in my writing. Just fix them up ^_^ I'm fairly anal about things like images and links and stuff, so expect me to try and fix those up. I'm really friendly, so just drop me a message if you need to talk to me about anything :)

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