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  • I live in MyCooland
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is being a MyCool
  • I am a MyCool

Note: If you need anything in the vanilla game of Terraria, feel free to ask me. I will be on chat at around

  • 7PM - 11:30PMon weekdays
  • 9AM - 12PM, 7PM - 12AMon weekends

Usually (Applies to UTC+10, with daylight savings)

<plzinsertpicture:)> This user loves Terraria. Like -- a lot.

Hi! I, of course I started this wiki account on the 3rd of June in 2012. I did know that Terraria was released on 16th of May, but I bought the game the 17th of May, or in others words, a 1 day after. I also play Minecraft, which led me to this game.

My Player Statistics

Anyway, people in chat prefer me describing my accessories and recommendations. So here it is - (no weapons because that needs a list of its own) They're all "Menacing" (excluding Armor and Pets) -- by the way (exceptions explained).

There would be no use for me to continue with one character as I want to have a variety of accessories, weapons and armor -- being focused on. Since I'm an endgame player, remaining items could been put to more of a "use".

Armor:Shroomite Armor with Shroomite Mask damage

Pet:Black Kitty

(To the right is a picture)


All of these are Menacing, so its quite hard to defeat my character (Attacking is the best defense maybe?)

Armor:Turtle Armor

Pet:Baby Eater of Souls

Quite a dangerous set, and because of Turtle Armor, I use this character more than my main one. (Applies to 1.2 - My main one has been in Terraria since 1.0. Same one but changed overtime :) )

Armor:Spectre Armor


A more balanced boosting abilities at its best

Armor:Shroomite Armor with Shroomite Mask

Pet:Baby Dinosaur

Definitely another dangerously high attacker. I had to risk my Amber Mosquito, which is ultra-rare item, to get the Dinosaur despite having low defense.


Sky City Failure (Don't worry, it's fixed now and the Truffle likes it!)

I was building a Sky City but....


...he raided my Sky City :'(

...So I couldn't build a Sky City...

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