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About me

Hello! I'm Jonathang. I don't know what else to say about myself, but I'm into Minecraft, Terraria, and some other games online. I use a clicker since my mouse and touch pad don't work very well. Joined in the wiki at 3rd October 2013, but started being active since the huge 1.2 update.   Not active in this wiki anymore since 2016. Not bothering on updating my user page from all those years ago, lol. I'll also maybe edit only when I see vandals or if it's an easy edit like spelling/grammar errors. 

Terraria Characters


Jonathang normal forme

1.2.2 Jonathang1.2.3 1.2.3+


Top: Non PvP appearence, Bottom: PvP appearence

My first character in Terraria. Based from my first and last name. (Which I don't have to mention.)

Favourite Color: Blue

Favourite Biome: Hallow, Mushroom Biome, and Underground Snow Biome

Least Favourite Biomes: Corruption

Mode: Softcore

Made in: Ok, I can't really remember, sometime at 2011, June or something...


HP: 500

Mana: 200

Attack: 46% increased melee damage, and 22% increased ranged and magic damage, 29% increased critical strike chance.

Defense: 95

Primary weapons used:

  • Legendary Terra Blade (25%)
  • Godly Flairon (15%)
  • Unreal Snowman Launcher (10%)
  • Godly Chain Gun (10%)
  • Godly North Pole (10%)
  • Legendary Death Sickle (5%)
  • Godly Paladin's Hammer (5%)
  • Unreal Proximity Mine Launcher (5%)
  • Unreal Piranha Gun (5%)
  • Others (10%)


(Yes, this is the character's name.)


1.2.2 ...2 1.2.3+

P.S: The 1.2.3+ was supposed to look like that, but because of a bug, the Crimson Cloak isn't visible on normal gameplay. (Only when the window is unfocused it is.)

Based on a pokemon creepypasta with the game literally made for it.

Mode: Softcore

Favourite Color: Red

Favourite Biome: Crimson

Least Favourite Biomes: Purity and Corrupt

Made in: Halloween 2012.


Mana: 200

Attack: Melee mode: 75% increased melee damage, and 51% increased ranged damage and 44% increased magic damage, 33% increased critical strike chance.

Defense: 94(Melee/Boss)/71(Ranged)

Primary weapons used:

Normal mode

  • Legendary Terra Blade (20%)
  • Godly Vampire Knives (Life saver!) (15%)
  • Godly Flairon (15%)
  • Godly North Pole (10%)
  • Legendary Death Sickle (10%)
  • Unreal Snowman Launcher (10%)
  • Mythical Staff of the Frost Hydra (5%)
  • Godly Chain Gun (5%)
  • Godly Paladin's Hammer (4%) 
  • Others (6%)


  • Unreal Snowman Launcher (25%)
  • Godly Chain Gun (25%)
  • Unreal Elf Melter (15%)
  • Godly Vampire Knives (5%)
  • Legendary Terra Blade (5%)
  • Unreal Sniper Rifle (5%) <- Deadly PvP Weapon
  • Others (20%)



First picture: Prior from 1.2. Second picture: After defeating Wall of Flesh.

It's been a year since I started out fresh! (Halloween 2012), and this time, it's harder for my new character to survive! (Hardly used anymore. :/)

Favourite Color: Green

Favourite Biome: Purity and Jungle Least Favourite Biomes: All other biomes.


Mediumcore (Before defeating Wall of Flesh)

Softcore (After defeating Wall of Flesh)

Before defeating WoF Limitations: Only allowed to play in the world "Marlinspike" and AT MULTIPLAYER (Least used character. :P), until he is pro (500 HP, 40+ defense, one damage category should be above 20%) enough to enter other worlds in single player. World is limited to only newbies and Marlin.

Now: No limitations.

Made in: 3rd November 2013.


HP: 500

Mana: 260

Attack: 50% increased magic damage, 16% increased other damage.

Defense: 50

Primary weapons used:

Rankings (In Order, unofficial.) 

My Top 10 Weapons

My Top 5 Pets (Excluding summoned units)

My Top 10 Enemies


These rankings are my opinion, so if they seem stupid, it's just my opinion. :P

Some random stats of my gameplay in Terraria

  • Eye of Cthulu beaten in 5 seconds after spawn!
  • Wave 16 with a friend, wave 15 alone in Frost Moon.
  • Beat all of Plantera's hook without killing Plantera itself, once.
  • Got 259 presents in a day, with 31 Snow Globes.
  • Had a 100-time PvP to the death. 
  • Have all biomes in a world at two worlds.
  • Have a 21-suitable room apartment in 1 world. 
  • Got the Picksaw in the first kill of the Golem.
  • Beat 11 hardmode 1.1 bosses in a single night. (The Twins, Destroyer, Skeletron Prime)

Silly mistakes I've done.

Alright, I'm being honest here, no one is perfect, especially me. I've made 5 mistakes so far, which I or other people undone..


  • Parrot Cracker : Added "Pets" in the cracker. We can not have a pet cracker.
  • Leaf Wand: Info box was outside the box! Fixed by KickMeElmo.
  • Titanstone Block Wall: Made the crafting station to furnace.. We don't make walls with one of those.
  • Ice Block: Probably the most hilarious mistake, because it was done at 1 AM... I added "Frozen Ice Block" instead of "Frozen Slime Block" in the "Materials in". Ice is obviously frozen.
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