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About[edit | edit source]

I'm a contributor here on the Terraria Wiki. You might notice me going through recent edits and rewording, reorganizing, or removing additions to the page. Please don't view these edits as the "final product" of the page; if you have ideas of how the information could be presented better, go ahead and make more changes!

If you have questions about an edit of mine, or a question about the wiki in general, I'm happy to help! Just go ahead and create a new discussion at my talk page. I'll try to check my talk page often, so unless another user answers your question, expect a response from me.

Admin[edit | edit source]

As you may or may not have noticed, I'm also an admin. Don't take this the wrong way! Simply put, this means I have some wiki experience and a few additional tools at my disposal; it does not mean you should view my edits with higher weight than other those of other editors.

Of course, if something needs to be addressed with administrative action, I can be of assistance. Leave a request at the admin noticeboard and I'll be there (along with the other admins).