aka Kivi Vongovic

  • I live in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Kivi's Profile Page


Hi, my name is Samuel though i prefer Kivi. Good to see you on my page. I'm here since October 2013 and I really like it here. I live in Bratislava. It's in the Slovakia, just a little country in the center of europe. ;-)

Aalargeclock My local time is: 9:24AM GMT +1, Monday, 29 June, 2020 (refresh)

Awesome Hat!Head!Right Hand!Left Hand!Awesome Wings!Awesome Shirt!Awesome Pants!Kivivongo1Character

He is watching you. (WARNING! Clickable Bodyparts.)

My Favorite Things In Terraria

Favorite Boss: Plantera

Favorite Pets: Black Cat, Wisp, Pet Baby Truffle

Favorite Weapons: Shadowbeam StaffVampire KnivesTerra BladeInferno ForkDeath Sickle, Magnet Sphere, Golden Shower, Venus Magnum, Rainbow Gun, Staff of the Frost Hydra, Blizzard Staff, North Pole, Razorpine, Snowman Cannon, The Horseman's Blade

Favorite Armor: Spectre Armor or Shroomite Armor with Shroomite Mask

Favorite Block: Gray Brick

Favorite Wings: Spooky Wings (Arcane)

Favorite NPC: Truffle

Favorite Axe: The Axe

Favorite Pickaxe: Picksaw (Quick)

Favorite Acessories: Moon Charm, Lightning Boots, Bundle of Balloons, Ankh Shield

Favorite Vanity Set: Hero's Outfit used with Black Dye or

Jack 'O Lantern Mask, Pumpkin Breastplate and Pumpkin Leggings used with Blue Dye


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