• I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Artist and Fixing anything on this wiki
  • I am A Madman

Warning to vandals

I fix the wiki. So go ahead. Grief a page. Waste YOUR time. I will simply undo your pointless and idiotic efforts anyway.

Why I only use one Character

I made a large world & found 0 Heart Crystals. I MINED EVERYWHERE hoping to find ONE, eventually... THE MOTHER LOAD. Lines upon lines covering the Underworld, however I accidentally killed a Voodoo Demon above lava. So the only thing standing (or should i say blocking) between me & the Crystals was the Wall Of Flesh. I SNAPPED. Pulled out my Godly Minishark with Meteor Bullets & unleashed a glorious bullet hell. I got those crystals.

Art, info, Requests open.

I am an artist. Also a big time gamer. But while I game & draw with no end in view, my ocd can take over this wiki is a positive way to channel it rather than rearranging my art supplies over & over & over again, I fix & added anything needed. I also help any possible way so don't fear asking.

Favorite weapon--->
War Axe of the Night

My favorite weapon The Legendary War Axe Of The Night

I also take art requests so if you want, I will draw for you.

My Signature.

I will poke you with my Gungnir SO HELP MEEE. 16:24, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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