aka (I go by) Atomicbomb

  • I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
  • My occupation is Gaming and writing
  • I am Male

Hello! I play a lot of terraria, so I decided to join the wiki and help the community grow! I also enjoy playing Borderlands 2 on my PS3 (Atomicbomb-19). I like Star Wars Wiki (Wookiepedia) and I also like to edit wikis in my spare time.


My playstyle is mixed, and my loadout usually included the spooky The Horseman's Blade, the deadly Shadowbeam Staff, and finally the festive yet destructive Chain Gun. My favourite accessories are the Hoverboard, the Arctic Diving Gear, the Master Ninja Gear, the (obvious choice) Ankh Shield and finally the Fire Gaunlet. To top that off, I use the arrow or the bullet set for Shroomite Armour.


Terraria grimreapercostume halloween

My in-game character

Lethal Hornet

C'est moi!

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