aka Marty

  • I live in Holland
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Ship's carpenter
  • I am Male

Hey all! I'm Martiaan. I've joined this wiki since november 2013, but used it way longer. When some info was missing or got outdated when terraria 1.2 came out, I tought that it was a good time to join and hopefully help some other players out who come here looking for information. I have alot of fun playing terraria for several years before i joined this wiki. I like to play terraria alot obviously, but also love to play strategy like games like Red Alert (2), Supreme commander, Total Annihilation, Planetary Annihilation and loads more :P

If you would like to talk about anything, just send me a message :)

My favorite pages

    Terraria 2014-03-06 23-09-14-13

    My best made house so far :D

    Terraria 2014-03-06 23-09-30-72

    My best made house so far :D (2)

    My new world house (2)
    My new world house
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