aka D4_DerpSt4r_123

  • I live in NUMBERS
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Calculations
  • I am Number

Hi everyone,

I'm Mathlete, and I am a Ranger/Mage in Late-Hardmode (Post-Golem, stuck on Solar Pillar any tips?), if you need to chat with me when no one else is around click here-------------------------------------------------------------------->

My Favorite Items That I Have Are:

1.Frost Armor + Frozen Wings

2.Rune Outfit (for Vanity)


4.Code 2



7.Bat Wings

8.Ice Bow

9.Mythril Halberd

10.Mythril Repeater

My Favorite Future Items Are:

1.Terra Blade

2.Vortex Armor

3.Vortex Booster

4.Vortex Beater


My Favorite Biomes Are:





5.Glowing Mushroom

I Play on the Ps4, and for anyone who would like to play with me, my gamertag is D4_DerpSt4r_123, and I will NOT be using my GOOD world (for all you griefers and trollers), I will be using my OK world (it has a couple of traders, has hardmode, and Twins and Destroyer defeated, also there is a Mythril Anvil and Titanium Forge [yes, my world was blessed with Titanium Ore]), for all you crafters and smelters, for farmers, I have a Multitude of Farms, each with (about) 5 Chests with potions and summoner items (don't just use them for Coins, it took a long time for my brother and I to get them), also I have multiple Piggy Banks filled with little presents (not actual Presents, but goodies) for when you do something nice for the world (ex.Spread the Purity, get the Truffle, defeat a new boss [ex. Plantera, Golem, Lunatic Cultist, Moon Lord]), I will give you 3 Moon Lord Drops of your choosing. If you get me the full Vortex Armor plus Vortex Booster, Vortex Beater, and Phantasm, I will reward you 9 Moon Lord Drops of your choosing (1 for each item [or 50 platinum Coins or higher or lower {it depends on what you get}])

If you wish to play on my world (named LOLOLOLOL), there are a few Rules:

1.Only the Guide and the Clothier may die ON PURPOSE (unless a boss or event kills them)

2.No griefing or trolling

3.If you do troll or grief (on purpose, not if you use an Explosives to kill a boss) you owe me 10 Gold Coins (me or my brother) if you don't, you will be kicked.

4.The Entry Fee is 5 Gold Coins(Free if your an Admin, or a worker from Re-Logic or anyone who helped make Terraria [don't try to lie, because I'll know {1 if I chat with you a lot}])

5.No Sandguns allowed

6.No purposely killing someone with Debuffs (such as using the Frost Armor set bonus [inflicts Frostburn] or Magma Stone) to get their Coins (if you do, I will have you return them, plus 50 Silver Coins).

7.Have FUN!!!! (If you don't, I will kick you [jk, but seriously, have fun])

If you wish to join, leave a message on my Talk Page.

Thank you,


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