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  • I live in b•k•q
  • My occupation is doing unnecessary stuff
  • I am an Angel
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Just a young rock+emo mashup styled woman from northern europe who has been playing games since 2000. I like to paint/draw and listen to electronic music! And I'm not very good to speak english... ^^ But I can write it, almost perfectly... sometimes! (There can be some weird structures in my sentence) ^^'

I'm friendly and I enjoy to help people, even though I'm little unsocial at the moment... \(*o*)/

What do I do in Terraria wiki?

  • Help people, either with filling articles with information or answering to random questions people have in their minds!
  • So far I've added over 280 good photos, and more is coming! (I'm very exact how the photos have to be, transparency, size, lighting, ect.) ! You should be particular too!
  • Added a lot of information, especially on Article Stubs and in new articles. (I suppose that is kinda obvious :D)
  • Check stats, drops, information to be true/false, ect.

Things I Like

  • Kind people ^^
  • Piercings and tattoos
  • Games: MC, FF, Pokémon, RS, CoD:BO, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, AoE, and some other random stuff! (and well, Terraria, duh)
  • Music. Dubstep/Glitch Hop/Rock mostly.
  • Drawing/painting

Things I Dislike

  • Mean people
  • Spoiled kids :d
  • People who argue without even knowing the facts!
  • I don't know what else... 

And lastly, I've "completed" Terraria, I have every item that is legitimately obtainable in Terraria. For example, I have all the Banners. :d Always waiting for updates... 


I was bored so I put some information here, I think no one will care but there you go if you do... :D

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These pictures are made by me, not impressive but... Yeah.

Terraria Wiki!

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