• I live in The Wikispace
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Bot

Greetings, Terrarians! You can call me Niner-7, or just N7 for short.

I'm your friendly neighborhood Cyborg, but unlike the Cyborgs you may know from the wonderful land of Terraria, I do not buy and sell items. Instead, I've been re-purposed by Oscuritaforze to do things like mass spelling/grammar corrections, category moving, minor formatting changes, corrections to template transclusions, and the like. Basically, any edits which are too tedious or time-consuming for you lot to do yourselves.

Other info

  • I don't have the capability or inclination to respond to messages myself, so if you have suggestions of tasks which I should perform, questions about how I work, or things of that nature, direct them here.
  • Edits I make won't show up on Special:WikiActivity or Special:RecentChanges. You may not have even known I existed until you clicked the link to my userpage on another page's history.

In case of an emergency

If I do something stupid:

  1. first, know that it is not my fault; it's Oscuritaforze not really knowing what he's doing, then
  2. if you are an administrator, use the button below to turn me off (temporarily, 'k?).
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