Hello, <insert name here>! Welcome to my Profile Page. I, honestly, rank myself as a compatible, fun guy, who likes and knows a lot of things. In fact, you could say the amount of things that I enjoy are over 9000. Metaphorically. There you go, you've probably only known me for a couple of seconds and you already know I like memes. You may also notice that my page looks a little sloppy, and that is because this is my first wiki to join, and I am honored to have chosen this wiki. And, if you haven't noticed, my UserName is based off of Plasma, because purple isn't just a girl color, and Haxorus, my favorite Pokémon. So, enough about me. Go enjoy something else and stop reading my page! Or keep reading, that's fine too...Also, feel free to chat in my Talk Page.

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If you are reading this page right now, congratulations, you can sign here. Well, only I can actually. If you want your place on my wall of signatures, go into my chat and ask me if you can have your name here. Of course, I'll always say yes. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

PlasHax The Angry Queen Bee



Games I Know And Play

I play Terraria, of course, as well as countless others, including Minecraft, MSM, Geometry Dash, Rayman, Sonic, Mario, Pokémon, Star Wars Battlefront, Lego Games, and even though I've never played them, UnderTale and FNAF.


I love playing Terraria, and I am pretty much the best that you can currently get in Mobile Version. I love using the Terra Blade, along with the Chlorophyte Shotbow, and, occasionally, the Paladin's Hammer. I also have full Beetle Armor, and the Beetle Wings, Star Veil, Fire Gauntlet, Ankh Shield, and a Charm of Myths. I am currently trying to get the Pigron Mount, as well as the Destroyer Emblem. I will also never replace my Robot Hat with ANYTHING in my vanity slot. Robo4Lyfe.

💗 Determination

💙 Integrity

💛 Bravery

💜 Perseverance

The cluster of heads in my apartment. Yes, I have a truffle too.

💙 Patience

💚 Kindness 

💛 Justice

[[1]]  <--- epknez butn!

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