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- Greetings, <insert name here>! -

I am RenzXVI, a Chat Moderator on Terraria Wiki. I help watch over the chat, ensuring the Chat Guidelines are being followed, answering user questions, and kicking or banning disruptive users. :D

- Withinsanity -

By the way... I am RenzXVI, but you can call me RenzXVI. I am called Renz Sixteen (XVI) because I have 16 voices in my head, all giving me advice on how to live my life in the sanest way possible. By the way, I am RenzXVI! :D

- Offense is the best Defense -

We are all Terraria players here, the only difference between me and you is that I am an offensive player and you are pretty defensive! I sincerely apologize for anyone I have and/or will offend. XD


If it moves... Kill it with fire! Before it lays eggs!

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Mermoon Lord 


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