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This script gathers all calls of {{item infobox}} on this wiki and stores them to a set of pages (User:Ryebot/Cargo storage/Items/<one-based incrementing index>) on the de (German) wiki. It ignores translation subpages.

See User:Ryebot/bot for starting this script, and User:Ryebot/bot/scripts/storeinfob/config for the configuration options for this script.

Since it is designed for {{item infobox}} and {{npc infobox}}, it will add a |cargo=force parameter (if the template call does not contain a cargo parameter yet), force the view parameter to infobox (if the template call contains a view parameter), and will add a |name=<name of the page that transcludes the template> parameter (if the template call contains a name parameter or does not contain an auto parameter).