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Set configuration settings for the storeinfob script. See User:Ryebot/bot/scripts/storeinfob/config/default for the default settings.

Since gathering template call data takes a rather long time, the bot caches the gathered data. The last update of that data was on 08 January 2021, 23:56:56 (UTC), in the case of {{item infobox}}. The lastupdated_max configuration option that can be set here specifies if the data should be renewed. If it is set to 1 week, for instance, then the cached data must not be older than 1 week – if it is older, the bot will update the data cache. The configuration option can be set to any string that is accepted by the second parameter of {{#time:}} (i.e. any valid PHP strtotime() string). Setting it to 0 forces an update.

Leaving the wikis configuration option empty will cause the bot not to write anything to other wikis. This can be used if only the data cache should be updated – as described above.