Fall Damage Record - 23K Icon Size No Armour

This is me. Setting a record. Started from the vertical ceiling of a large map and went straight down to the bottom of the map without my horseshoe or armour. This is the result.

I've basically finished Terraria at this point. Now I'm just trying to set records.

Current goal:

  • 2 Eaters at once, no healing

Previous goals:

  • 2 Eaters at once using only Sunfury DONE
  • Max Fall Damage on a large map DONE - 23258
  • Cthulu without taking a single hit - DONE

Future goals:

  • All 4 bosses at once
  • All 4 bosses at once during a Blood Moon
  • Skeletron, Cthulu, and 2 Eaters, all defeated at once.

PS I do not use the Star Cannon. I think it's a waste of time. I used Molten Fury with Unholy Arrows for my Untouchable Cthulu fight, and the Sunfury for my Eater x2 fight.

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