Welcome to TerrariamcSwaggins' profile page!

Greetings and about myself

Hello there! I'm TerrariamcSwaggins, but most people around here call me "Swag" or "Swaggins", so feel free to call me either. I'm an 11th grade student who used to be a dedicated administrator here. I have been mucking around here for nearly ~2 years now, so I am more or less familiar with the community and culture of this wiki. I have been very busy with extremely important IRL happenings, so I will no longer be active here, editing-wise; I will still try to respond to messages left on my talk page, but other than that, I'm afraid that my time here is done.

Need help?

Welcome to the help section of my profile page! Considering that I am an administrator here, I should be able to help you out with a lot of things! All of the following can be requested on my talk page, where I'll assess whatever you bring up and take the needed action. ^u^

I can:
  • Revert long strings of vandalism and/or block vandals.
  • Answer any questions regarding the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki, on my message wall over there.
  • Delete, rename, and/or redirect articles.
  • Try and help to solve any editing disputes or disputes between users. (Respectively)
  • Help to manage the forums.
  • Cleanup articles to the best of my abilities
  • Offer you professional advice regarding the game here.
  • Delete or rename files. (eg: Image files, video files, etc.)
  • Protect pages that are being frequently attacked by vandals.
  • Merge articles.

If you are somehow not able to contact me, the users listed below can likely help you:

Wikis & Forums
The following is a short list of wikis and forums that I have participated in.



Terraria Wiki (Inactive)
Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki (Inactive)
Community Central (Inactive)
Starbound Wiki (Inactive)
Plague Inc. Wiki (Inactive)
Terraria Community Forums (Inactive)
Terraria Online (Inactive)

The Terrarian Bugle
The Terrarian Bugle is the wiki's official news blog run by primarily by Squazzil, though I try to help at times! If you have any ideas whatsoever, just let me know at my talk page and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your creation in next week's Creation/Pixel art section, just hit me up at my talk page or talk to either of us in the live chat.
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