I welcome anyone who sees this page.

I am a somewhat dedicated fan of Terraria and I play it alot. I am also thinking about setting up a PVP server for it.

If you have any questions about the game or anything, feel free to ask.

Or if you just want to chat, go ahead.

About my Avatar

If you wonder how I got my Avatar (my picture), I made it using a screenshot of the Terraria title screen which I then removed all unneccessary parts except for the title and the clouds and everything around it by getting the title into a square-like formate. I resized the title to 25% of the original. Then I zoomed into the title to about 500% and used the pen tool carefully to replace all clouds and sky with black paint. Then imported the normal Planet avatar and put the Terraria title over it and created black paint at all white spots. I then resized it to 200x200 pixels.

Took me quite some time.

And I am writing this cause I have nothing better to do.

My favorite pages

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