Welcome to the Terraria Wikia. Feel free to look around and hang out! Since Im not as active anymore, please message one of the other Admins on their talk page if you need to know any guidelines, want to report a vandal, or just found out something really epic and wanted to share it. Though, if you message me, I Will get it, so don't fret. Look forward to the Desert Update! (and hope cactus damage doesn't get implemented again! XP)

Note to the admins: I'm still around, checking every new update via email. You guys seem to have things under control, but if you ever need to reach out for additional assistance, I'm still here. Thank you for keeping me on staff all these years. I was always afraid I'd stop by and just wouldn't be an admin anymore someday. I can tell this place is still important to us, and I hope it continues to go strong. I'll be waiting in the wings if you need me.


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