Hey, welcome to my page! My name is Jesse Killough, but you can just call me Zimio. I'm going to try to be active on this wiki, for one reason- TERRARIA IS AWESOME! I can't stop playing this game- I want to find every secret embedded in it! Even though I've just started, and my armor hasnt surpassed full silver yet, I will continue to play and discover things for all of us to learn. ;)

Ascii Signatures

I think many people will like this. I am currently working on some ascii signatures, and you can feel free to take them and use them as your own. :) Here is the list of ascii signatures I have;

  • ,¸¸,‹•*"[ name here ]•›,¸¸,
  • ,¸¸,‹•*"(-name-here-)•›,¸¸,

It is difficult to code it properly, so I will show you a proper coding for this-

,¸¸,‹•*"[ user:Zimio|Zimio ][ user_talk:Zimio|Talk ]•›,¸¸,

Replace the first Zimio with your name, and the following Zimio on the other side with whatever word you want to use to link to your page- and the third Zimio needs to be replaced to your username too, so that it links to your talk page. If you'd like, you can also change Talk to whatever you want to use to link. (THANK YOU GRACEY92 FOR THIS!) Put double square brackets ( double [ on left, double ] on right ) on either side of the link in order for it to code properly.


My name for Steam is Zimio2. I will be happy to meet anybody in their servers, I might even be tempted to bring gifts! ;) I do play Minecraft, but I dont use my own account. I normally use my friends, but he's getting annoyed because he wants to play on the same server as me... Regardless, I bet you can tell I like indie games! I'm not the kind of person to make huge oddly shaped buildings or "cool" looking masses of stone. I'm more of the guy that would construct a small city, roleplay in money and such, and create a fun server to play on.

Wikia Achievements

  • Lucky 32,000th edit! --July 29th, 2011
  • Ranked #25+ on Wikia! --July 30th, 2011
  • Ranked and tied #13 on the leaderboards for the Wikia! --July 30th, 2011
  • Ranked and tied #10 on the leaderboards for the Wikia! --July 31th, 2011
  • Ranked #9 on the leaderboards for the Wikia! --August 1st, 2011
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