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    The Solar Eclipse really got expanded in 1.3, and it's offering a lot more good loot. I chose to evaluate the loot so that you could know what's worth your time or not. I'd appreciate feedback and tips on this thing!

    The basic format for evaluation, under my Solar Eclipse testing, is as follows:

    Weapon vs. mooks vs. flying vs. ranged vs. boss
    Name X/10 X/10 X/10 X/10

    • Mooks: Swamp Thing, The Possessed, Frankenstein, Psycho, Fritz, Butcher
    • Flying: Deadly Sphere, Vampire, Reaper
    • Ranged: Eyezor, Dr. Man Fly
    • Boss: Nail Head, Mothron

    Weapon vs. mooks vs. flying vs. ranged vs. boss
    Butcher Chainsaw 9/10 6/10 5/10 2/10
    Eye of Cthulhu 4/10 4/10 6/10 4/10
    Psycho Knife 5/10 7/10 3/10 1/10

    A powerful chainsaw with attacking stats, it works like most chainsaws and…

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  • 652Graystripe

    Slayer and I faced the Lunar today. We have some stuff to tell you.

    Neutral mobs outside the dungeon, respawn every day after Golem dies. Not too hard; when they die, though, the Lunatic Cultist is summoned. He teleports, makes duplicates and has a variety of devastating attacks. Use stuff like the Flairon.

    When he dies, you are given a brief grace period before the celestial event begins...

    During this, your world is divided into four parts, with a small neutral zone in-between them. Your spawn is clear. Each segment is different; one is Solar, one Vortex, one Nebula and one Stardust. These are melee, ranged, magic and summoner respectively. You will have to fight a certain number of monsters in each zone before the pillars' defenses go down…

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  • 652Graystripe

    Hey guys-

    Saw this while adventuring. I can't make heads nor tails of it. Medusas spawn there, as well as marble chests.

    I decided not to give it a name or anything, but rather ask if anyone else has found anything.

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  • 652Graystripe

    This evening, while browsing the wiki, I came across the page Water Dock. It had been created in January of 2014 and stayed the same for quite a while. It was a page about a building strategy that protects you from dying in your hellevator from fall damage.

    Seemed out-of-place to me, that's for sure. I decided, after that, to bring up something that had already been discussed: Implementation of "tutorial" pages to the wiki.

    Here, I've made a rough outline of how they might work...

    • Would have the Tutorial: or Tutorial/ prefix. This is to link them to a "hub" or category of tutorial pages.
    • Would contain information on how to complete tasks in-game. Might be separated into different categories - Weapon Use, Building, Boss Fights, etc.
    • User-created…

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  • 652Graystripe

    You all knew it was coming, right? Right. It's my ultimate favorite, and I love it dearly, and I have been engaged in a bet that, if I lose, will cost me my Fork. It's a big bet.

    But anyway, I've decided to teach you all how to use the Inferno Fork, and to do that you have to understand its weaknesses.

    • It's not autofire.
    • It's slow.
    • Its projectile takes time to travel.

    You have to understand these key differences when using it.

    The Inferno Fork is best in situations where enemies are tightly packed, or you do not have room to aim properly. A powerful explosion of flames clears out caves like nobody's business.

    When using the Inferno Fork in highly mobile combat (i.e. against wings) it is best to know your Fork well and lead enemies appropriately, …

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