Recently, I have started making Terraria comics. While I tell a lot of jokes and love to laugh, I'm not the greatest artist, so these aren't world-class comics anymore.

I've pretty much figured out what makes people laugh, and I'm good at playing to those rules. I also like to customize.

This is the blog where I post all of my comics! You can also see them on my profile page.

If you have had a Terraria experience, please don't hesitate to comment with it and I will make a comic for it! I did this for Hunited's "Return of the Bone Serpent Head" moment.


Click on the comics to view them at a larger size.

Requesting use

If you're going to use my comics, please, please, please ask me first, and credit me when using it with a link to my profile! If I have made a comic at your request, then just put a link to my profile when using it. This really helps a lot. Thanks!

Happy days,


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